Houthis Reportedly Attack Dammam in Saudi Arabia, Military Parade in Yemen

Yemen’s Houthi group said on Thursday it had targeted a military site in Dammam, Saudi Arabia with a long-range missile and had launched a drone attack on a military parade in Yemen, which killed 30 people, according to reports.

The attack in Dammam, which Houthis claim hit a military base, was not immediately confirmed by Saudi authorities to Reuters. But the use of a long range missile to attack Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province is alarming given the distance of Dammam to the border of Yemen.

Dammam is a major administrative center for the oil industry.

The Houthis also launched “missile and drone attacks” on a military parade in Aden, the seat of the Saudi-backed government, that killed more than 30 people according to medical and security sources, Reuters reported separately.

A Reuters witness “saw nine bodies on the ground after an explosion hit a military camp belonging to the Yemeni Security Belt forces backed by the United Arab Emirates…The attack killed at least 32 people, including a commander,” according to Reuters.

“Soldiers screamed and ran to lift the wounded and place them on trucks. Red berets lay on the ground in pools of blood.”

The Houthi’s official channel Al Masirah TV said the group had launched a medium-range ballistic missile and an armed drone at the parade, which it described as being staged in preparation for a military move against provinces held by the movement.

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