HAJJ 2019

Successful 2019 Hajj wraps up without incident as Muslims pilgrims pray in Mecca

Millions of Hajj pilgrims began heading back to Mecca for final prayers on Tuesday as the world's largest annual pilgrimage went off without incident despite the logistical challenges and escalating regional tensions, Reuters reports.


Saudi Aramco Reports $47 Billion in Earnings; Plans to Buy Reliance Refining Stake

Saudi Arabia’s energy minister Khalid Al Falih announced on Tuesday plans to develop the country's gas resources and extending a grid to UAE, Oman and Kuwait.
In its first-ever half-year earnings report, Saudi Aramco said the company had earned a net income of $46.9 billion in the first half of 2019, a 12 percent decrease from $53 billion in the period a year earlier, when oil prices were higher.

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