‘NTP 2.0’: FT Obtains Copy of Draft of Changes to Saudi National Transformation Plan

The London-based Financial Times has obtained an internal copy of a document that outlines Saudi Arabia’s desire to amend the Kingdom’s National Transformation Plan (NTP), dubbed “NTP 2.0.”

The draft document “strips out some areas earmarked for change and extend[s] the timeline of other targets” of the NTP. The changes will keep the deadline of 2020 generally, but extend beyond that for some of the program’s initiatives, the FT reports.

The Financial Times report is not specific regarding what is being adjusted from the original NTP, but said the “move suggests that Riyadh may have realized that some of the objectives in its National Transformation Plan were overambitious,” the FT writes.

The FT cites an unnamed government advisor, who added, “[t]here is a recognition that too many of these targets were too aggressive and may be having too much impact on the economy.”

The original report, which does not share the “NTP 2.0” document, can be read here (paywall).