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  • Women

    Shifting Gender Norms in Saudi Arabia

    Though often caricatured as backwards and traditional, Saudi gender roles are undergoing a reconfiguration. Previously, the majority of Saudi women did not work outside of the home and relied on male relatives to manage many aspects of family life. Globalization and economic necessity, not necessarily liberal values, are propelling more Saudi women into work outside […]

  • Women

    Taxi Apps Prosper As Women Seek to Cope with Ban Driving – Report

    Taxi apps in Saudi Arabia are flourishing in large part due to demand from women unable to drive themselves, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Rory Jones and Ahmed al-Omran note that taxi and ride-sharing businesses are rushing to meet demand in Saudi Arabia, and the services are well-liked by many women who are finding […]

  • Women

    Setback for Women in Saudi Arabia as Proposal for Women’s Sports Education Colleges Fails in Shoura

    The Shoura Council failed to pass a proposal to establish sports education colleges for women this week by just three votes. According to Arab News, the proposal called for a joint venture between the Education Ministry and the General Authority of Sports. The goal is to educate Saudi women on fitness and sports-related sciences and […]

  • Women

    WATCH: Adidas Ultraboost Ad Features Young Saudi Women Combatting Fitness Stereotypes

    A new inspirational advertisement for Adidas’ popular Ultraboost shoe line features three young Saudi women discussing stereotypes they face and how they overcome them. The ad for Ultraboost trainers features fitness instructor and modest sportswear designer Lojain Alrefae running along the waterfront in Jeddah; Saudi mountaineer Raha Moharrak climbing the rocky ranges near Jeddah and football campaigner […]

  • Water in Saudi Arabia

    How Long Does Saudi Arabia Have Until it Runs Out of Groundwater?

    Water supply for the Saudi Arabia is among its foremost challenges. In 2013, SUSTG wrote about the obstacles facing water sustainability for Saudi Arabia. Some experts predicted full water depletion by 2050 if nothing is done. However, a new local study done by the King Faisal University finds that Saudi Arabia’s timetable for water is […]


    A Kingdom’s Thirst: The Saudi Water Challenge

    It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia is a dry place in a particularly arid region of the world. The dearth of water resources in the Kingdom is among its foremost challenges, with some estimates predicting full depletion by 2050 if nothing is done.

  • War in Yemen: Video

    Footage from the Front Lines: Tanks to Al-Anad and the Battle for Aden Caught on Film

    Dramatic footage from two videos on YouTube posted by the Russian TV station RT and a new VICE news documentary bring the war in Yemen to the screens in front of us. Video from RT shows very latest footage from the Coalition-backed effort to seize Al-Anad air base in Yemen, a key military asset that […]

  • War in Yemen: Maps

    An Overview of the Conflict in Yemen, in Maps

    The European Council on Foreign Relations published an extensive and informative overview of the conflict in Yemen using maps to show the country’s political history and ongoing conflicts. “Far from reaching a tidy conclusion,” the conflict is War in”growing, if anything, more complicated by the day,” the EUCFR writes. “Rather than being a single conflict, […]

  • War in Yemen

    Saudi Arabia’s Brig. Gen. Ahmad Asseri Puts Daily Face on Saudi Strikes into Yemen

    As Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes into Yemen extend into a third week, the government’s daily face of the campaign is Brig. Gen. Ahmad Asseri, who gives a daily press briefing featuring photos, videos and other images highlighting the Saudi strikes into Yemen. These photos and videos have been released and disseminated to Saudi media and are circulated […]

  • War in Yemen

    Iranian Fighters Among Those Captured So Far in Yemen, According to a Former Saudi Navy Captain and Prince

    At a NCUSAR-hosted event on Capitol Hill in Washington yesterday, HRH Navy Captain (Ret.) Prince Sultan bin Khalid Al-Faisal told an audience that Iranians and Hezbollah forces have been captured by Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen. Barbara Slavin in Al Monitor writes that while Prince Sultan bin Khalid Al-Faisal was not speaking on behalf of the Saudi government, “his […]

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