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  • Culture and Arts
    Saudi Ministry of Culture launches platform for scholarship applications

    The scholarship program is open to those who wish to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D. degree in various cultural and arts fields from the world’s most prominent educational institutions. The courses provided by the program include music, theater, visual arts (drawing, sculpture, art theory, calligraphy, art history, photography and cinematography) filmmaking, literature and linguistics, archaeology, culinary arts, design, architecture and libraries and museums.

  • Aramco Investment
    Reliance Group to miss planned date to close Saudi Aramco deal

    RIL is currently engaged in a legal tussle with India’s federal petroleum ministry over enforcement of an estimated $4.5billion in an international arbitral award of the Panna-Mutka and Tapti (PMT) oil field production-sharing contracts case.

  • Mada'in Saleh
    Mada’in Saleh – Saudi Arabia’s Abandoned Nabatean City

    The Nabateans occupied the city in the 1 st century BC. They were originally nomads who established a powerful kingdom in the Sinai and parts of modern Jordan in north-west Arabia. Under the Nabateans, the settlement of Mada'in Saleh became a true city. They developed a system for irrigation based on the collection of rainwater in tanks which helped agriculture to flourish.

  • Riyadh Season
    Commentary: Saudi Arabia’s successful entertainment drive too costly for some

    “If we got anything out of Riyadh Season, it’s that demand is there, social acceptance is there,” said Faisal Bafarat, chief executive of the General Entertainment Authority. “Businessmen are coming and saying we want to invest.”

  • Chinese
    Saudi schools start teaching Chinese language

    The eight boys schools, which teach the language from the second semester that started Sunday in the kingdom, include four in the capital Riyadh, two in the western city of Jeddah and two others in the Eastern region, spokesman for the Education Ministry Ibtasam Al Shiheri said, according to Okaz newspaper.

  • Iraq
    Iraq protesters battle security forces in bid to shut Baghdad streets

    Rallies have rocked Iraq since October but, fearing they would lose momentum amid spiralling regional tensions, protesters last Monday told the government it had one week to meet their demands or they would escalate.

  • Yemen
    Yemen attack: 80 soldiers killed by Iran-backed Houthi rebels

    At least 80 Yemeni soldiers attending prayers at a mosque were killed and 130 others injured in ballistic missile and drone attacks by Iran-backed Houthi rebels, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen reported Sunday.

  • Libya
    Libya players agree cease-fire amid warnings war may become ‘next Syria’

    The agreement on Sunday came after about four hours of talks in Berlin where German Chancellor Angela Merkel hosted leaders of 11 countries, with Libya’s two main rival leaders also in the German capital but not at the main conference table.

  • Egypt
    Pompeo Felt ‘Outrage’ Over U.S. Citizen’s Death in Egypt

    U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “expressed outrage” to Egypt’s president on Sunday at the death of an American citizen who insisted he had been wrongfully held in Egyptian prison, according to a state department spokeswoman. Pompeo’s sharp remarks signal the U.S. government intended to place the death of Mustafa Kassem, 54, following his protracted hunger strike last week, high on the diplomatic agenda.

  • Formula One
    Saudi Arabia’s Qiddiya eyes first Formula One race in 2023

    Saudi Arabia’s new entertainment giga-project Qiddiya, on the outskirts of Riyadh, has the potential to become the “motorsport capital of the world”, according to former Formula One star Alex Wurz. Wurz is behind the design of the new race track, which has been touted as a future venue for Formula One in 2023. Qiddiya already hosts a round of the Formula E Championship, while the new track will be designed up to the FIA Grade 1 standards required for F1.