Saudi Arabia Arrested 77 Suspected Terrorists Last Month

Saudi security forces arrested 77 terror suspects in March, according to an updated list posted on the Interior Ministry’s Nafethah Tawasol website and as reported in the Jeddah-based Saudi Gazette.

The suspects belong to nine nationalities — 53 of them are Saudis. The others included 16 Turks, two Syrians, one Bengali, an Egyptian, an Indian, a Nigerian, a Nepalese and a Kuwaiti. Three Turks were listed in Nafethah Tawasol last year.

The Nafethah portal is a window of communication between the prisoner or detainee or the beneficiary in detention centers and their relatives abroad. The portal works to transform traditional services to modern electronic services, shorten the time and effort with the detainees and attends to their needs, the Saudi Gazette said.

In an op-ed in Fox News last month, Saudi Arabia’s top General, Ahmed Hassan Mohammad Asseri, said Saudi Arabia “welcomes the new administration’s attention to the Middle East and its support for America’s friends who are fighting back against transnational terrorists such as Daesh and pushing back against Iranian interference in countries such as Yemen….As Americans would say, ‘You’ve got our back.’ And America’s support is indispensable as we stand together against a host of threats to regional stability.”