Saudi Arabia to Grant Citizenship to ‘Scientists, Intellectuals and Innovators’ From Around the World

In a bid to attract top talent and spark innovation in the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia has announced that it would grant full citizenship to “scientists, intellectuals, and innovators” from key sectors and focuses, according to reports.

The decision,  a break from previous policies of reserving Saudi citizenship only for Saudis and not for non-Saudi residents, was announced by King Salman by royal decree on Thursday.

According to, experts in the fields of forensic and medical science, technology, agriculture, nuclear and renewable energy, oil and gas and artificial intelligence will be considered. Islamic clerics will also be invited to take up Saudi citizenship. Other fields that will be included are computer science, robotics, ecology, aviation, culture, sports and arts.

The move is “a step aimed at attracting bright minds from around the world,” according to an official statement.