Trump Sends Pompeo to Saudi Arabia after Speaking with King Salman

Saudi Arabia has extended its “appreciation” to the US administration among others for “refraining from jumping to conclusions” in the ongoing investigation in the Jamal Kashoggi case, which has garnered international attention in the last week.

“To help clarify recently issued Saudi statement, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia extends it appreciation to all, including the US administration, for refraining from jumping to conclusions on the ongoing investigation,” according to a tweet published by the U.S. Embassy in Washington.

According to Arab News, the tweet came after the Kingdom issued a statement earlier in the day, which said that Saudi Arabia would reject any threats and attempts to undermine it, and would respond with “greater action” to any sanctions or action taken against the Kingdom.

Today, President Trump spoke with King Salman by phone, and said he would be sending Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia “within the hour.”

State department spokesperson Heather Nauert confirmed that Pompeo is en route to Saudi Arabia via Twitter.

Following his call with King Salman, which reportedly lasted 20 minutes, Trump said the King “firmly denies” “any knowledge” in the disappearance of Khashoggi. Trump also suggested it could have been “rogue killers.”