Saudi, Kuwait, UAE Agree to Give Bahrain $10b

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to give Bahrain $10 billion to “support the country’s funding requirements,” Reuters reports, as Bahrain embarks on a fiscal program aimed at eliminating its budget deficit by 2022.

The move by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE “makes sense economically” because “any collapse of Bahrain’s currency or a potential credit crunch could undermine confidence throughout the region,” Reuters notes.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Kuwait last weekend for talks.

According to Reuters, a package of reforms announced by the Bahrain government on Thursday are aimed at delivering 800 million Bahraini dinars ($2.12 billion) in annual savings and eliminate its budget deficit by 2022. Manama had projected a $3.5 billion budget deficit in 2018.

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