Saudi Media Powerhouse SRMG Launches Independent Arabia

The Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG) and the UK online publisher The Independent have launched a new digital news site,

SRMG announced the appointment of Saudi journalist and political analyst Adhwan al-Ahmary as editor-in-chief of the online platform, while the new service will be staffed by a team of experienced journalists from Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. The site will be based in London.

Dr Ghassan Al-Shibil is the chairman of SRMG.

Dr Ghassan Al-Shibil is the chairman of SRMG.

Independent-branded digital properties will be launched in Arabic, Turkish, Urdu and Persian.

Al-Ahmary told Al Arabiya English that this venture is considered “a very unique experience and it is the first of its kind in the Middle East.”

“To have a project in four languages is a big challenge and I am honored and very proud to be part of it,” al-Ahmary said.

The site will focus on “thorough deep independent coverage” and not breaking news.