Saudi Youth Filmmaking on the Rise

Social media continues to catalyze Saudi Arabia in unpredictable ways.  Fatima Al-Arjan takes a look at the rise of video blogging ‘vloggers.’  Short videos – some 36 seconds at maximum – have proliferated.  While sometimes a platform for controversial posts, like many on-line communities, this one seems to be maturing.

In a related item, female Saudi director, Haifa Al-Mansour discusses her recent film in an interview with the BBC.  The piece includes a snippet of ‘Wadjda‘ which is about a 10-year old girl’s quest to get a bike.

In the interview, Ms. Al-Mansour comments that, “Saudi Arabia is changing a lot and opening up. There is huge space now for a woman if you want to find your own view.”  She elaborates on the need to work within certain constraints but that it is possible and promising.