Interview: Bechtel’s Millennial Saudi Country Manager Abdulrahman Al-Ghabban Discusses Company’s Activities and Ambitions in Vision 2030 Era

The first Saudi national to serve as Bechtel's country head gives an exclusive interview with SUSTG ahead of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's visit to the U.S. and talks NEOM, the Riyadh Metro, the NPMO, mining, and what it means to be a young Saudi working toward Vision 2030's success.

Saudi Arabia

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Mohammed Bin Salman

Saudi crown prince talks to 60 Minutes

In his first interview with an American television network, Mohammed bin Salman shared his thoughts on Iran, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, his country’s troubled ...


MBS US Visit

Coming to America: The Saudi Prince’s Charm Offensive

“Most Saudis realize that continued support from, and close relations with, the U.S. are in Saudi interests,” he said. “A demonstrated adeptness in handling the relationship ...


MBS US Visit

After meetings in Washington, Saudi crown prince will focus on business

After meetings with the Trump administration, he will embark on a two-week, coast-to-coast tour of U.S. business and technology centers, hoping to woo new investment ...


MBS US Visit

Counting Down 7 Big Meetings Likely On Saudi Crown Prince’s US Agenda

Here are seven important meetings we know about, hear rumors about, and suspect might happen. ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

New York allure fades for Saudi Aramco as ‘frivolous’ climate change actions loom

Al-Falih spelt out a more serious worry for Aramco. It was not laws that concerned him, he said, in a reference to the Justice Against ...


Yemen Civil War

In a Saudi War Room, Generals Grapple With Ways to Protect Civilians in Yemen

Maj. Gen. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi stands in the middle of Saudi Arabia’s war room and points to a white truck driving across a live drone feed ...


Mohammed Bin Salman

Perspective: Can Mohammed bin Salman really save Saudi Arabia?

MBS fits the model of the west’s favourite partners in the Middle East: regime reformists, who promise change but not too much of it. Here ...


Saudi Nuclear Energy

Commentary: The justification for a Saudi nuclear bomb

Saudi policy has changed now, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman chose a US television channel, CBS, to announce the new policy before his meeting ...


Women in Sports

Pulling no punches: Saudi woman boxer breaks exercise taboo

Relying on word-of-mouth publicity in a country where exercising in public is culturally deemed unbecoming for women, Al Hamrani is working to empower a generation ...


Saudi Workforce

Saudi job market to shrink in 2018

“While the policy has boosted employment opportunities for Saudis, some firms are seeking to achieve mandatory Saudisation ratios by simply reducing their expatriate workers. ...



Saudi Arabia to Open Foreign Investment to Recruitment Agencies

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development decided to open the door of foreign investment for recruitment ...



Saudi Arabia opens Women Economic Forum

The two-day forum entitled “Lets talk about tomorrow” aims to promote positive change, facilitate discussions and foster cross-sector partnerships. ...



Saudis Narrow Rate Gap With Libor to Boost Riyal’s Appeal

The kingdom’s monetary authority, known as SAMA, unexpectedly raised both its repurchase and reverse repurchase rates on Thursday in a move that may have anticipated ...


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Anti-ISIS Campaign

Trump wants to get the U.S. out of Syria’s war, so he asked the Saudi king for $4 billion

The postwar goal is to prevent Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian and Iranian partners from claiming the areas, or the Islamic State from ...


Energy Industry

Tsunamis of innovation are shaking the energy industry

While the particular detailed story in each segment of the energy industry is different, the core parable of advanced technologies and new business models is ...



Turkey-backed forces capture Syrian Kurdish town of Afrin

Turkish military and allied Syrian forces marched into the center of the northern Syrian town of Afrin Sunday, raising their flags and shooting in the ...



Syria’s Assad visits army in eastern Ghouta as rebels in talks

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday visited Syrian soldiers who appear close to defeating the last major opposition foothold near Damascus and met some of ...


U.S. Navy

U.S. Evolving Middle East Operations of Carrier Strike Group

After more than three years of Navy and Marine aircraft striking ISIS from the sea, there are fewer targets in Iraq and Syria to go ...



NSA Pick Will Develop Cyber Retaliation Plans But Don’t Expect Government to Use Them

During Thursday’s confirmation hearing, Trump’s NSA pick, Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone, repeatedly stressed that, while he expects to prepare possible military responses to enemy cyber ...


U.S. Department of State

At State Department, Heather Nauert’s star is ascendant

The new role gives Nauert responsibilities far beyond the regular news conferences she held in the briefing room. She is overseeing the public diplomacy in ...


Iran Nuclear Agreement

Trump Commentary: Death of Iran’s Nuclear Deal Could Set Oil Bulls Loose

The State Department doesn't seem to be entirely behind killing it. “We believe we can work within the nuclear deal,” Brian Hook, director of policy ...


Oil Price

Oil prices slip but Saudi-Iran tensions limit losses

Oil prices eased on Monday after rallying at the end of last week, but tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran helped limit losses. ...



Rivals Circle as Egypt’s Debt Loses Shine That Drew $20 Billion

Egypt, prime territory for risk-hungry debt traders for the past 15 months, could be upstaged by other emerging markets as it begins to cut rates ...


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