With Entertainment Opportunities in Focus, Saudi Pitches to 250 Hollywood Elite

Saudi officials on Wednesday pitched ambitious entertainment industry plans to about 250 representatives from major Hollywood financiers and players in Los Angeles.

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General Entertainment Authority

Saudi Entertainment Authority Summit Pitches Plans to Hollywood

During an afternoon summit at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., a number of Saudi investment and private-sector leaders promised a cadre of ...


Saudi Cinema

AMC Cinemas Wins First License for Theaters in Saudi Arabia

AMC, the world’s largest exhibitor, and the Development & Investment Entertainment Co., a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s PIF, plan to open as many as 40 ...


Saudi Cinema

‘Black Panther’ to Break Saudi Arabia’s 35-Year Cinema Ban

Marvel's record-breaking superhero blockbuster – which has already amassed north of $1.2 billion dollars since launching in February – will herald Saudi Arabia's long-awaited return ...


MBS US Visit

Welcome to the Saudi Royal Court. Please Enjoy a Pumpernickel Bagel

Historically, the sheikhs of the Saudi desert maintained an open-door policy for visitors, a practice the ruling House of Saud has also long adopted. ...


Infrastructure Fund

Massive United States-Saudi Infrastructure Fund Struggles to Get Going

Among the factors that have complicated the fund’s launch: Saudi officials told Blackstone last year that ...


Solar Power

Planned Solar Farm Would Be Hundreds of Times Bigger Than World’s Current Largest

It would take thousands of solar plants of that size to begin outputting enough power to supply even a meaningful fraction of the Earth’s power. ...


King Abdullah Economic City

Inside the plans for Saudi Arabia’s original economic city

On the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, a new city in development is struggling to rise to the ambitious goals set by its founders. ...


Saudi Economy

Saudi economy sends mixed signals

the Saudi economy is "starting a slow recovery. The downturn deepened at the end of last year, but the latest figures suggest that the economy ...


Six Flags

Saudi Arabia’s Six Flags theme park to open in 2022

The Six Flags-branded amusement facility will be the country's first entertainment, sports, and cultural destination. ...



Hospital contract disarray highlights challenges to Saudi healthcare reform

London-listed NMC Health’s (NMC.L) bid to take over the running of a top Saudi hospital has stalled over contractual terms, reflecting wider challenges to the ...


Houthi Missile Attack

Saudi-led coalition says missile intercepted near Yemen border

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen said on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia’s air defense had intercepted a missile that the armed Houthi movement said it ...


Iran in the Region

Khamenei Lashes Out After Saudi Prince Signals Thaw With Israel

Although Khamenei, in remarks carried on his website on April 4, did not specifically mention Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman's statement, he made it clear ...


Raif Badawi

How Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman Can Prove He Is Sincere – Free Raif Badawi

Born one year apart, these millennials have given expression to the vision and values of a younger generation, one that is empowered by the digital ...


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U.S. Syria Policy

Trump instructs military to begin planning for withdrawal from Syria

But the president said that the U.S. mission would not extend beyond the destruction of the Islamic State, and that he expects other countries, particularly ...


GCC Reforms

Commentary: Reform Fatigue in Gulf Energy?

But the higher oil prices have undercut the urgency for reform, with a widespread feeling among policymakers that the worst is behind them. Saudi Minister ...



Yemen’s Southern Powder Keg

An unintended consequence of the conflict is that the south of the country is rapidly moving towards outright autonomy. Southern Yemen has a long history ...



Israel faces historic decision as new population figures emerge

The Israeli political right was caught off guard by the surprising official figures presented on March 26 at the Knesset by a representative of the ...


Russia in the Region

Analysis: Why Putin’s oil maneuvers will keep Russia in the Middle East

The overall situation has pushed Russian firms abroad. Production costs are lower in the Middle East and they serve European markets. Covering shortages for its ...



Perspective: Leaving

When the full story of Syria’s betrayal by a family and its entourage is written, the decision of Assad to sink a potentially promising peace ...


U.S. Middle East Policy

Opinion: The US gets more from its Mideast policy than Trump thinks

Over the course of 24 hours, and in the wake of a US soldier's death at the hands of ISIS, Trump's rhetorical flourishes were everywhere ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

When Terrorists Run City Hall

On five trips to battle-scarred Iraq, journalists for The New York Times scoured old Islamic State offices, gathering thousands of files abandoned by the militants ...


Ankara Syria Summit

Turkey, Russia, Iran call for ‘lasting ceasefire’ in Syria

Following talks in Ankara, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian and Iranian counterparts issued a joint statement saying they were committed to achieving ...



Erdogan: Turkey to keep pushing Kurds out of Syria’s north

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that his military “won’t stop” trying to oust Syrian Kurdish fighters from northern Syria, as he met with ...



Fears of fresh violence ahead of new Gaza protest

Palestinians readied Thursday for new protests along the Gaza border and Israel warned that its open-fire rules would not change as fears of fresh violence ...


Business Complexity

UAE’s rise in complexity natural result of VAT introduction

The UAE’s rise in complexity this year is largely driven by the introduction of the emirates’ first VAT in January 2018. The VAT is a ...


NSA and Cyber Command

Paul Nakasone Will Have to Balance NSA Needs With US Cyber Command Background

The NSA and Cyber Command have been conjoined since the latter was created in 2009, controlled by the same leader and working out of the ...


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