U.S. State Department Approves $1.31 Billion in Artillery Sales to Saudi Arabia

The State Department approved a sale of $1.31 billion in artillery to Saudi Arabia, giving "a vote of confidence to the Saudi military as young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman concludes a marathon tour of the United States," the Washington Post reports.

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Saudi Cinema

Saudi Arabia is opening movie theaters. Now the kingdom wants to make movies too

By developing a local film industry, Saudi officials hope to expand entertainment options and create jobs in a country of 32 million people, the majority ...



Time-Warner eyeing bigger presence in Saudi Arabia, says CNN’s Rani Raad after meeting with Crown Prince

Time-Warner wants to bring more of its brands to Saudi Arabia, a top network executive told Arab News after a meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed ...


Yemen Civil War

Attack on Saudi tanker could mean higher oil prices

An attack on a Saudi super tanker by Yemen's Houthis this week signals further escalation in the efforts to take the war in Yemen directly ...


Crown Prince Salman

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Says Oil Has a Bright Future

“Every one of you wearing part of these petrochemicals and materials,” said bin Salman. “For your button and your pen and your shoes and your ...


Saudi Change

Perspective: Moderating Islam: Saudi Prince Mohammed walks on shaky ground

Prince Mohammed’s assertion that Saudi Arabia propagated ultra-conservatism as part of countering communism during the Cold War is not inaccurate but ignores the fact that ...


U.S. Arms Sales

US approves $1.3 billion sale of artillery to Saudi Arabia

In total, the U.S. has agreed to more than $2.3 billion in arms deals with the Saudis just since Prince Mohammed arrived in the U.S. ...



As Saudi prince arrives, ties with France more complex than before

Whether that was a momentary tiff or a longer-lasting complication may become clear when Prince Mohammed arrives in Paris on Sunday for a two-day visit ...


MBS World Tour: 2018

Saudi prince´s globe-trotting charm offensive

Saudi Arabia´s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman pursues in France next week his first world tour as heir to the throne of his powerful and ...


Archeological Sites

Saudi Arabia’s hidden archeological treasures

Preserved for hundreds of years by the harsh desert climate, archaeologists are unraveling fascinating fragments of Saudi Arabia's ancient history ...


Misk Talks

Misk Talk Live – San Francisco: Video

On the occasion of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s visit to the United States, the Misk Foundation presents Misk Talk in five American cities. ...



Amazon Makes Hiring Push in Riyadh After Saudi Prince’s Visit Inc. is adding several jobs in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, signaling Jeff Bezos’s desire to expand in the country following a closely watched meeting with ...


Oil Prices

Saudi Arabia Unexpectedly Lifts Key Oil Price for Asian Buyers

The state-run Saudi Arabian Oil Co., or Saudi Aramco as it’s better known, raised its official selling price for the grade by 10 cents a ...



Bahri Ships 1st Saudi Aramco Chemical Cargo

The cargo is being transported on board NCC Amal, a 45,000 dwt Bahri chemical tanker which left Saudi Arabia’s Port of Rabigh, heading to China. ...



Saudi Aramco, Total to sign refinery expansion deal next week: sources

The agreement would include an extension of the petrochemical complex at Saudi Arabia Total Refining and Petrochemical (SATORP) refinery in Jubail and could also include ...


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GCC Economies

High oil prices and improved economic conditions to support GCC growth momentum

Higher oil prices coupled with improved global economic conditions are expected to support growth momentum of the GCC countries, highlighted by Seltem Iyigun, Coface Economist ...



Commentary: How withdrawing from Syria would embolden Russia and Iran

As the Iraq experience shows, withdrawals leave a void that can be filled by America’s enemies. Iran moved to capitalize on the space left by ...



Counting the Dead in Mosul

The urban fighting in Mosul that began on October 16, 2016 was described by U.S. officials as the most intense since World War II. ...



Confessionalism and Electoral Prospects in Iraq: Report

This paper argues that it is unlikely for the next Iraqi parliamentary elections to change the status quo due to the existence of potent structural ...



Trump to Host Qatar Emir April 10 as Saudi Standoff Continues

President Donald Trump will host Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, for talks as his Persian Gulf nation remains embroiled in stand-off with ...



Google rolls out new search feature in the Middle East

Google has rolled out a new feature in the Middle East and North Africa allowing public figures and organisations to post directly on Google Search ...


Iranian Women's Soccer

How an Oklahoman is scoring goals in Iran

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Kat first visited Iran during the summer of 2005, right before her senior year of high school. At the time, Kat ...


GCC Megaprojects

Competing Megaprojects in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

If Kuwait’s ambitious development plans move from the proposal and conceptual stages to those of construction and implementation, the initiatives will likely clash with Saudi ...



Indian state firms plan to nearly double Iranian oil imports: sources

Indian state refiners plan to almost double oil imports from Iran in 2018/19, drawn by incentives offered by Tehran, sources with knowledge of the matter ...


Maritime Channel

Qatar ‘will be an island’ if Saudi implements plans to regenerate east coast

Sabq has been given access to an integrated plan for a tourism project that will launch a maritime channel along the Saudi-Qatar border, which is ...


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