Saudi Crown Prince Wraps Up U.S. Tour in Houston with Big Gulf Investments Eyed


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U.S.-Saudi Investment

Saudis mull big investments along U.S. Gulf Coast

After courting Hollywood and Silicon Valley, a Saudi delegation led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman capped a nearly three-week American tour on Saturday by ...


Saudi Petrochemicals

Aramco takes step to integrating petrochems into United States’ biggest refinery

The final investment decision on setting up a multi-billion-dollar petrochemical plant at Port Arthur is not expected until 2019, and is “dependent on strong economics, ...


MBS US Visit

Saudi Crown Prince finishes off US trip with a visit from both Bushes

Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammed bin Salman rounded off his US tour with a visit from both former president Bushes in Houston. ...


MBS Europe Visit

Saudi crown prince begins European tour in Paris

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrived in Paris on Sunday at the start of a European tour after three weeks in the United ...



How investors can play Saudi Arabia reform without Aramco’s IPO

Until recently, Saudi Arabia tantalized investors with a plan to float its mammoth oil and gas company's initial public offering on an international exchange — ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Saudi exchange counting on foreign funds to aid Aramco IPO, chief says

Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange expects an influx of foreign funds to smooth the listing of national oil firm Saudi Aramco, despite concern among some analysts ...


Mohammed Bin Salman

How Mohammed bin Salman Plans to Transform the Middle East

An impov­erished desert wasteland a century ago, Saudi Arabia rode oil wealth through decades of change. “It’s too hard to convince them that there is ...


Saudi Film

Saudi Arabia to Debut at Cannes With Its First National Pavilion

After recently lifting a local ban on movie theaters, Saudi Arabia has officially announced its debut at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival with a curated pavilion, ...


Gender Mixing

Saudi Arabia agrees to gender mixing for local Apple staff

Apple has spearheaded a push by foreign consumer brands to ensure male and female employees will be allowed to work side-by-side in Saudi Arabia, removing ...


Corruption Crackdown

Saudi Arabian corruption detainees may face terrorism-focused courts

The 56 are still in Saudi government custody after failing to be exonerated or reach financial settlements with the government. ...


Monetary Policy

Higher Rates Inevitable in Saudi Arabia Says Arqaam’s Meijer: Video

Jaap Meijer, managing director and head of research at Arqaam Capital, discusses Egyptian and Saudi Arabian monetary policies. ...



Saudi Plans Military Base and Nuclear Dump Near Qatar

The project will be financed by private Saudi and Emirati investors, with Egyptian companies carrying out the digging, Al Riyadh said. Separately, Emirati authorities also ...


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Syria Chemical Attack

Syria chemical weapon attack in Douma leaves dozens dead, opposition says

Suspected poison gas was used to attack the last remaining foothold for the Syrian opposition in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, killing at least 40 ...


Missile Strike in Syria

Missiles strike Syrian air base after chemical weapons attack

Several missiles hit a military air base in Syria early Monday, according to Syrian state TV, after an alleged chemical-weapons attack on a Damascus suburb ...



Israel strikes Gaza after explosive devices found on border

Israeli fighter jets struck a Hamas target in the Gaza Strip on Monday in response to two explosive devices found near Israel’s border with the ...


Syria Chemical Attack

Trump Attacks Putin by Name for First Time

Even though he broke new ground by admitting that Putin had actually done something wrong, Trump immediately returned to more familiar terrain. His next tweet ...


Foreign Military Installations

Foreign military presence in the Middle East: Video

Foreign military installations in the Middle East have proliferated over the last three decades. ...


Saudi Solar

Enormous Saudi Arabian solar push could lead to new Middle East energy era

Taken literally, the implications of the full 200GW scheme are striking. It would require two years of the world’s current manufacturing of solar panels. Saudi ...



Cryptocurrencies for Muslims backed by gold are popping up

In the Islamic faith, it’s believed that economic activity should be based on real, physical assets, not speculation; observant Muslims also do not invest in ...


Terrorism Costs

How Should Business Handle the Changing Nature of Terrorism?

Fewer people were killed by acts of terrorism, insurgency, and politically or ideologically motivated violence in 2017 than in 2016, but the number of incidents ...


Iran Unrest

Opinion: There’s more to Iran’s protests than you’ve been told

Despite their heterogeneity, the slogans of the 2017/2018 Iranian Rebellion can be categorized into three thematic areas: Social justice, critique of the ruling establishment, and ...


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