Major Fossil Discovery in Saudi Arabia is 90,000 Years Old

A recently discovered fossil finger bone dating back about 90,000 years that was unearthed in Saudi Arabia’s Nefud Desert is "pointing to what scientists are calling a new understanding of how our species came out of Africa en route to colonizing the world," Reuters reports.

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MBS Europe Visit

Saudi Arabia seeks help from France for music, opera and cinema

Saudi Arabia is to use French expertise to set up a national opera and orchestra under an agreement signed on Monday (April 9) that underlined ...


MBS Europe Visit

Saudi Crown Prince, French president affirm strong ties during 3-hour meeting

Also, around 18 memorandums of understanding in energy, agriculture, tourism and culture are set to be signed at an official Saudi-France CEO Forum on Tuesday, ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

How Saudi Arabia’s Tiny Exchange Is Preparing to Host the World’s Biggest IPO

Saudi Arabia’s meager stock exchange hosts around 191 companies whose value totals roughly $500 billion, or a little more than half the value of Apple ...


Saudi Find

Archaeologists Find 88,000-Year-Old Human Finger Fossil in Saudi Arabia

A single human finger bone discovered in 2016 at an ancient lake site in Saudi Arabia called Al Wusta has now been dated to approximately ...


War in Yemen

Facing tough fight in mountains, Saudi-led alliance focuses on Yemen’s coast

Winning and keeping control of Yemen’s ports in the Red Sea, no matter how small, is of paramount importance to the UAE, a key partner ...


Defense Spending

Saudi, UAE Defense Budget Growth

Figures are all in real terms. UAE figures are estimated. In 2017 the Saudi spending was 17 percent higher than the government forecast. ...


Saudi Hyperloop

Saudi Prince Bets Big On Branson’s Virgin Group To Transform Economy

While the Saudi sovereign wealth fund is preparing to inject Virgin Group Ltd.’s space companies with a billion dollars, Virgin Hyperloop One executives pitched MbS on ...


MBS US Visit

Saudi Arabia’s millennial crown prince got a rare tour of the inside of Apple’s new $5 billion campus

He even got to see the inside of Apple's new $5 billion campus, Apple Park, which Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier this year won't ...


Saudi Art

What we can learn from Saudi art

The Saudi art scene has been buzzing for many years, but now the Saudi government and the country’s 32-year-old de facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed ...



Saudi Arabia Lists Government Debt Instruments Exceeding $54b

The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) began trading local currency government bonds on Sunday, in the latest move by authorities to deepen the Kingdom’s capital markets. ...



Saudi Arabia Is Said to Start Bond Sale as Qatar Meets Investors

Saudi Arabia will probably beat Qatar, its neighbor and political rival, to the international debt market with a three-part dollar bond sale as it seeks ...



9/11 families plan next steps in Saudi Arabia lawsuit

Victims' relatives seeking to hold Saudi Arabia legally responsible in the Sept. 11 attacks said Monday they intend to step up pressure on U.S. security ...


Women in Saudi Arabia

Cycling in Jeddah: Saudi women embrace change

Fluent in English, Arabic and Turkish and trained in ballet, Amirah is part of a young generation of Saudi women seizing new opportunities in spite ...


Oil Prices

Sinopec to cut Saudi crude imports for May in response to high OSPs

China's Sinopec, Asia's largest refiner, plans to cut Saudi crude oil imports loading in May by 40 percent after national oil company Saudi Aramco set ...


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Syria Chemical Attack

Trump Says U.S. Will Respond to Syria Attack ‘Forcefully’

Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed in a phone call on Monday “to continue their coordination on responding to Syria’s atrocious use of chemical ...


Syria Chemical Attack

Commentary: What Is America Going to Do About Syria Now?

Donald Trump says there will be a “big price to pay” for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s suspected use of chemical weapons in the rebel-controlled town of Douma ...


War in Yemen

How a tough UN resolution is making push for Yemen peace talks harder

The UN's new Yemen envoy says all sides desire a political solution. But Resolution 2216, which demands Houthi rebels disarm and withdraw, is being invoked ...


Qatar Dispute

Perspective: Charting a New Course on the Gulf Rift

Yet Tamim's visit also comes during a period of apparent shifts in U.S. policy toward the Gulf rift, including a more visible interest in tighter ...


Army Research Lab

US Army Eyes Faster Weapons Development with a New Collaboration Hub

When the Pentagon wanted to expand its tech outreach beyond Silicon Valley, officials looked to Boston, opening the second DIUx location there in 2016. The ...



Hopeful signs for religious reform in the Arab world

Morocco has practiced Maliki Islam for a millennium, and under the same ruling family since 1630. ...


ME Stability

Stability in the Middle East: The Range of Short and Long-Term Causes

Most of the region has some form of internal conflict, faces rising external threats, or is dealing with violent extremism. The violence and wars that ...


Bahrain Oil Find

Economics 101: how should Bahrain spend its oil windfall?

While there remain questions over the precise extraction cost, and the volume of recoverable oil and gas, at this stage, Bahrainis should feel reasonably confident ...



Qatar economy, World Cup work progressing fast

The economy of Qatar, the world’s top exporter of liquefied natural gas, is set to grow 2.6 percent this year and closer to 3 percent ...



Egypt struggles to edge Qatar out of Palestine

Cairo believes that Qatar’s role in providing humanitarian support to Gaza and its support of the Palestinian cause in general come at the expense of ...


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