For Oil Markets, ‘Volatility is Back’

Rising optimism around global economic growth coupled with continued OPEC compliance to output targets and rising geopolitical tensions all contributed to pushing Brent oil prices to near 2014 highs, according to a recent report on the oil market by Riyadh-based Jadwa Investment.

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Saudi Stock Market

Foreigners are record net buyers of Saudi stocks in latest week

Foreigners bought a record $384 million of Saudi Arabian stocks on a net basis last week, showing international interest in the market is continuing to ...



The Power of Positive Diplomacy: Saudi Outreach in Iraq since 2014

Along with the restoration of diplomatic, trade, and other relations that had been frozen for decades, Riyadh’s Iraq initiative has involved building ties with numerous ...



Saudi Arabia uses ancient tourist site to alter its history

Diriyah lies at the heart of Saudi Arabia's efforts to both control the narrative of its past for future generations of Saudis and to revamp ...


Global Oil Prices

Commentary: Down In Saudi Arabia, They’re Partying Like It’s 2008

Is this really 2018? It started to sound a lot like 2008 in Saudi Arabia on Friday, as the kingdom's oil minister argued that the ...


Bank Liquidity

Saudi Central Bank to Drain Liquidity to Counter Libor Rise

Climbing U.S. borrowing costs pose a dilemma for SAMA, which must strike a balance between overcoming the worst economic slowdown since the global financial crisis ...


War in Yemen

Saudi-led air strikes kill at least 20 at Yemen wedding

Air strikes by a Saudi-led military coalition killed at least 20 people attending a wedding in a village in northwestern Yemen late on Sunday, residents ...



Saudi prospect earns right to take part in upcoming Royal Rumble in Jeddah

Eight athletes were declared the winners of this week’s WWE tryout in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and will advance to more intensive training under WWE’s coaching ...



Local worker policy puts Saudi businesses on edge

So-called Saudization is taking hold in the kingdom as new reforms try and tackle high unemployment but as Reuters Emily Wither finds out in Riyadh ...


Makkah Dress Code

Private sector Saudi staff must wear traditional dress

Sultan Al-Dosary, spokesman of the emirate, said that the emir’s directive came after his inspection tour of a market in Taif earlier during which he ...


Saudi Cinema

As Saudi Arabia’s Cinema Ban Ends, Filmmakers Eye New Opportunities

Khawj has several projects in the works, including a movie called Eight Other People, about a group of siblings who discover on the night before ...



Saudi Arabia enforces new law after unauthorized drone shot down in restricted area

Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry said on Sunday that drone-flying enthusiasts must obtain permission to fly the devices until regulations were finalized. ...



Opinion: What Fuels the Saudi Rivalry With Iran?

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran has oscillated between indifference, hostility, rapprochement and tension over the decades. Prince Mohammad appears determined to intensify the ...


Umra Accident

Four Britons killed after coach hits fuel tanker

The crash happened on Saturday morning on the road between the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, according to Gulfaraz Zaman, a director of Blackburn-based ...


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Macron Visit to US

Macron to put ‘Trump whisperer’ skills to test on state visit

They call him the Trump whisperer. France’s President Emmanuel Macron – who believes his diplomacy, persuasion and personal charm can sway the thinking of his ...


Iran Nuclear Agreement

Macron: There is no ‘plan B’ for Iran nuclear deal

French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday urged the U.S. to stay in the multination Iran nuclear deal, saying that he does not know of another ...



Kabul voter center suicide attack kills 57

The dead include 21 women and five children, killed when the blast hit the queue outside. A further 119 people were injured. The Islamic State group ...



Global donors to seek more than $6 billion for Syrian aid

Governments will seek more than $6 billion in aid for Syria at a two-day donor conference from Tuesday, which the European Union hopes will also ...



Networks of profiteers run rampant in Libya. Can they be stopped?

In Libya, networks of armed actors, corrupt business executives and politicians continue to find ways to make money through avenues such as the smuggling of ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

Enjoining the Transfer of a US-Saudi Citizen to Saudi Arabia: A Doe v. Mattis Update and Initial Preview

Can the U.S. government transfer a dual U.S.-Saudi citizen, without his consent, from U.S. military custody in Iraq to Saudi custody in Saudi Arabia? This ...



Oman Told By IMF It Needs To Make ‘Substantial’ Reforms To Its Economy

In a statement issued on 19 April, following a 13-day visit to Muscat, an IMF team led by Stéphane Roudet advised Muscat that it needs ...


Golf in Morocco

Golf gaining popularity in Morocco

Matt Ginella explains how golf is gaining popularity in Morocco. ...


UAE Images

A country constantly under construction: A photographer documents the changing coast of the United Arab Emirates

“Since I’ve first arrived in the UAE, the landscape has changed considerably. Continual construction of buildings, housing and infrastructure is an ordinary way of life ...


Trump Travel Ban

In travel ban case, Supreme Court considers ‘the president’ vs. ‘this president’

It is the first time the court has considered the merits of a policy that has consumed the administration since its start, and raises deep ...



Iraq says its strikes in Syria killed 36 IS militants

A spokesman for Iraq’s military says 36 Islamic State militants have been killed in Thursday’s airstrikes by Iraq’s air force in Syria. ...



Qatar denies its military planes intercepted UAE civilian aircraft

Qatar denied on Monday that its military planes had intercepted a civilian aircraft from the United Arab Emirates the day before, states news agency QNA ...


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