Tadawul IPO Pushed to ‘2019 at the Earliest’ as Kingdom Eyes MSCI Inclusion Bump

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Saudi Arabia is delaying the IPO of the Tadawul, the Kingdom's stock exchange, "on hopes that a potential MSCI Inc. upgrade could boost its value," according to Bloomberg which cited people with knowledge of the matter.

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Oil Trading

Saudi Aramco to Lift Oil-Trading Volume to 6 Million Barrels/Day

Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest oil exporter, plans to trade as much as 6 million barrels a day, a jump in volume that would put ...



Saudi Arabia Movie Ticket Prices Could Hit $35

AMC chief Adam Aron predicted that a $20 ticket price could increase to between $30 to $35 a pop in a matter of months as ...


War in Yemen

Top Houthi political leader killed in Saudi coalition air strike

Saleh al-Samad is the most senior Houthi official killed in the Saudi-led war on Yemen so far ...


Saudi Stock Market

Saudi Arabia Is Delaying Stock Exchange IPO on Higher Valuation Hopes

Saudi Arabia is delaying the initial public offering of its stock exchange on hopes that a potential MSCI Inc. upgrade could boost its value, according ...


Houthi Missile Attack

Saudi says missiles launched at Aramco facility by Houthis

Yemen's Houthis fired two ballistic missiles at a Saudi Aramco facility in the southern city of Jazan on Monday, but Saudi state media said the ...



A Saudi-Iranian Dialogue on Regional Security

Hosted by the Center for Strategic Studies at the Joint Special Operations University in Tampa, Florida, former Saudi Ambassador to the United States and Director ...


Saudi Culture Authority

Saudi Culture Authority to organize 100 art, cultural activities

Turki bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Technical Committee in the Saudi General Authority for Culture, has announced an agreement with Rotana to organize ...


Qiddiya Entertainment City

Saudi king to launch ‘entertainment city’ that would rival Disney parks

Saudi King Salman will launch the construction of an "entertainment city" near Riyadh on Wednesday (April 25), authorities said, part of a series of multi-billion ...



5 Designers Changing the Look and Future of Fashion in Saudi Arabia

There’s a global feeling to Arwa Al Banawi’s collections, thanks to her roots in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, her upbringing in Switzerland, and her current home ...


Women's Rights

Saudi Arabian Women Have First-Ever Public Bike Race in Jeddah

Earlier this month, 47 women stood with their bikes on the starting line to make history in Saudi Arabia. ...


Public Relations

Mystery grows over pro-Saudi tabloid being sold in U.S. — but embassy got sneak peek

How the early copy made it to the Saudis is unclear. Yet the revelation adds another mysterious twist to a murky tale playing out against ...



30 expats held in Saudi Arabia on terror charges in April

Saudi security forces rounded up 30 people of 12 different nationalities with links to terrorist organizations in April, said security sources. ...


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Oil Prices

Goldman Sachs echoes Saudi view that oil rally won’t hurt demand

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. sees oil’s rally the same way as Saudi Arabia: it won’t check the world’s soaring thirst for crude. Oil’s surge to the ...



The shadow war between Israel and Iran takes center stage

But the Israelis have made clear that an entrenched Iranian presence in Syria marks a new red line. They point to the new threat of ...


Iran Nuclear Agreement

Perspective: Europe Needs To Persuade Iran, Not Just Trump, To Save The Nuclear Deal

But judging from this analyst’s conversations with Iranian diplomats in Europe and New York over the past week, Macron and his colleagues in Germany and ...


Iran Nuclear Agreement

Iran warns Trump it might withdraw from Non-Proliferation Treaty

A senior Iranian official said on Tuesday that Tehran might quit a treaty designed to stop the spread of nuclear weapons if U.S. President Donald ...



Behind bloody Gaza clashes, economic misery and piles of debt

Across the 140-square-mile territory, Gazans are struggling to finance their daily lives. Young people — unable to pay for weddings or homes of their own ...



Dubai’s Careem hit by cyber attack affecting 14 million users

Careem, Uber’s main ride-hailing app rival in the Middle East, was hit by a cyber attack that compromised the data of 14 million users, it ...



Economics 101: When is privatisation a good idea?

The key risk is over-pricing as the private monopoly exploits is market position. Thus, while the company has every incentive to cut costs, it has ...


Sovereign Wealth Funds

Sovereign wealth funds grow in size and influence

Sovereign wealth funds now manage a whopping $7.45 trillion in assets, up 13% from last year, according to a new report from research firm Preqin. ...



Religious disputes escalate over upcoming Iraqi elections

A number of other clerics close to Sistani also have made it clear that no one should vote for someone who took an executive or legislative position in ...


Syria Allied Strike

Snapshot: Half of Americans Approve of Strikes on Syria

Americans are sharply divided over the recent U.S. military airstrikes in Syria, with half approving, 43% disapproving and 7% having no opinion. Public support for ...


Turkish Scribes

Istanbul Closes the Books on Its Public Scribes

Public scribes were a necessity in the Ottoman era, when the language used in state documents was even farther removed from ordinary speech and a ...


Macron Visit to US

The U.S., France, Syria, and Iran: Finding Winning Compromises

Imperfect agreements are the real-world price of any agreement in an imperfect world, and losing the support of key European allies and other states, and ...


Next Eleven

The “Next Eleven” and the World Economy

While China and India continue to drive the global economy, they are joined by a number of other high-population, high-potential countries, particularly in Asia. It ...



Global donors to seek more than $6 billion for Syrian aid

Governments will seek more than $6 billion in aid for Syria at a two-day donor conference from Tuesday, which the European Union hopes will also ...


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