‘Huge Potential’ for Tourism in Saudi Arabia, Jadwa Finds

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A recently published research report by Riyadh-based Jadwa Investment finds a ripe landscape for investment and job growth potential in Saudi Arabia's budding tourism sector, set for gains as the Kingdom continues to open up.

Saudi Arabia

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Global Oil Markets

Analysis: Don’t Fight the Falih

While a number of factors can be assigned for such a lack of upward trajectory (higher exports, stronger refinery runs, lower waterborne imports), the slashing ...


Saudi Refining

Analysis: Saudi Aramco’s Asia JVs to help battle oversupply, peak oil demand fears

Analysts said the company's back-to-back agreements to take 50% stakes in Malaysia's RAPID project and India's biggest planned refinery on the west coast will guarantee ...


Shale Oil

US Frackers Must Thank Saudi Aramco For Recent Success

While there have been some pipeline shortages recently in the Permian basin, these bottlenecks are sure to disappear if the oil price remains at the current ...


Yemen Civil War

Yemen’s Rebels Step Up Attacks on Aramco Oil Facilities

The barrage of attacks has edged the three-year conflict with the Houthis uncomfortably close to the core of the Saudi economy, crystallizing the risks to ...


Religious Tolerance

Christians should not be second-class citizens, cardinal tells Saudi Arabia

Tauran, 75, who signed a cooperation accord with Saudi authorities, said he sensed that they wanted “to show that even in Saudi Arabia there is ...


Saudi Image

Saudi Arabia Reboots Its Washington Lobbying Blitz

To manage their brand, the Saudis still rely on a contingent of lobbyists in Washington, though they have cut ties with some since MBS began ...


Capital Punishment

Saudi Arabia criticised for 48 beheadings in four months of 2018

Rights experts have repeatedly raised concerns about the fairness of trials in the kingdom, which is governed by a strict form of Islamic law. The ...



Saudi Arabia needs 1.2 million jobs by 2022 to hit unemployment target: official

Saudi Arabia aims to create 1.2 million jobs by 2022 by focusing on the retail sector in order to reduce unemployment to 9 percent, a ...


Saudi Oger

Saudi sets up committee on Saudi Oger debt restructuring

Saudi Arabia is setting up a committee to handle the restructuring of debt owed by Saudi Oger, the construction company owned by the family of ...



Saudi Arabia to send Syrians an additional $100 million of humanitarian aid

Saudi Arabia will provide an additional $100 million of humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of the people of Syria, through the King Salman Humanitarian ...


Saudi Cinema

Saudi Arabia Getting First 4DX Theaters

Saudi Arabia is getting its first 4DX movie theaters. South Korea-based CJ 4DPLEX has signed a new partnership with Cinemacity to open three locations in the ...


Air Travel

Sandstorm engulfs passenger jet as it lands in Jazan, Saudi Arabia

According to Saudi aviation bloggers, the jet, which is believed to be an Airbus A320 landed recently at Jazan Airport in the south of the ...



Credit Suisse likes Saudi Banking, Petrochem Stocks

Saudi Arabian markets look set to get a boost from their inclusion in the FTSE Russell's emerging markets index in March 2019, according to Krithika ...


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French President Emmanuel Macron has said he may have failed in efforts to persuade Donald Trump to stick to an international nuclear deal with Iran. "My ...


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Commentary: Macron Mic-Drops on Trump, Offers a New Call to Western Leadership

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Regional Economy

Economic confidence in Middle East highest since 2015

The survey by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) found that confidence in the Middle East has ...



Uber to invest indefinitely in Middle East market, says Harford

Uber's chief operating officer Barney Harford said the company will increase its investment in key growth markets like the Middle East, which might include a ...



Going digital

The presence of just a few players makes the market an attractive destination for e-commerce investment. With market barriers easing—improved infrastructure, ease of obtaining licenses ...



How artificial intelligence is transforming the world

Artificial intelligence is already altering the world and raising important questions for society, the economy, and governance. ...



Israelis want to preserve it. Palestinians want to eat it. This flower is the latest subject of dispute in the Middle East.

Palestinians have foraged and eaten Akoub, known in English as Gundelia, for generations. Some say the precious plant tastes like a cross between asparagus and ...



Liberman to Saudi-owned paper: If Iran strikes Tel Aviv, we’ll strike Tehran

Defense chief supports Trump pulling out of nuclear accord, says it will lead to a collapse of the Iranian economy and potentially an end to ...



ISIS midwife, forced to deliver babies, shares moments tender and cruel

Forced to deliver babies for the Islamic State, she shared moments tender, cruel and grotesque ...



AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s oft-told tale of US payout to Iran

President Donald Trump likes to tell a story about the U.S. paying out billions of dollars to Iran as part of the multinational deal freezing ...



Second journalist covering Gaza rally killed by Israeli forces

Palestinian Ahmad Abu Hussein, 24, dies of wounds after being shot in the abdomen during protest on April 13. ...



Rights group says British-Iranian professor held in Tehran

A British-Iranian university professor who actively campaigns against military action targeting his homeland has been detained in Iran by the country’s hard-line Revolutionary Guard, a ...


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