Following Audit, Saudi Aramco Reserves ‘Higher than Expected’

An audit of Saudi Aramco’s oil reserves done ahead of a planned IPO has found the state oil giant "to have higher reserves than it previously reported," Reuters reports, citing sources familiar with the matter.

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Oil Prices

Soaring Oil Prices See Saudi Economy Bounce Back

Saudi Arabia’s success in leading both OPEC and non-OPEC production partners in reigning in record high OECD oil inventories amid the group’s ongoing oil output ...


Saudi Stock Market

Heavy flows into Saudi to continue, Mideast funds say

But the monthly poll of 13 leading regional fund managers, conducted over the past week, showed they believe capital inflows into the kingdom are unlikely ...


Saudi Workforce

1.2 Million jobs required by 2022 to hit unemployment target

Saudi Arabia aims to create 1.2 million jobs by 2022 by focusing on the retail sector in order to reduce unemployment to 9 per cent, ...


Saudi Cinema

First multiplex cinema opens in Saudi Arabia

Cinema operator VOX Cinemas has opened the first four-screen multiplex in Saudi Arabia, at the company’s new entertainment complex in Riyadh Park, two weeks after ...


Lubna Olayan

Businesswoman Lubna Olayan On How She Shattered The Stereotype Of Saudi Women

One of the most influential business women in the world is from what might seem like an unlikely place — Saudi Arabia. She sat down ...


Women in the Workforce

Saudi Aramco just appointed a female executive to its board

The announcement is considered a milestone for the kingdom, where 22 percent of women participate in the workforce, making it a rarity for females to reach ...



FaceOf: Ahmed Abdulkarim Alkholifey, chairman of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority

Ahmed Abdulkarim Alkholifey has been the chairman of SAMA since May 2016. He has been its governor since May 7, 2016. Alkholifey has also served ...



Saudi tourism commission adds 25 sites to heritage list

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) approved the registration of 25 archaeological sites in various parts of the Kingdom during the first ...


War in Yemen

Commentary: What Houthi revenge could mean for Saudi elites

Samad’s successor as political chief, Mahdi al Mashat, is close to the Lebanese Hezbollah leadership and has promised that the Saudis and their allies—including the ...



Israelis on trial in Saudi Arabia for alleged plot to attack hajj

Two Arab Israelis went on trial in Saudi Arabia on Monday for allegedly plotting an attack during the Muslim hajj pilgrimage, according to the charge ...



Saudi Arabia apologizes for images of ‘scantily-clad female wrestlers

Saudi Arabian officials have apologized after images of scantily clad women appeared on big screens during a world wrestling event that allowed women and children for ...



Saudi Arabia Launches First Film & TV Production Studio Nebras Film

The roll-out of Saudi Arabia’s nascent film industry continue apace. Today sees the official launch of the kingdom’s first full-service production studio Nebras Films which hopes ...


Borrowing Rates

A Key Saudi Interbank Rate Is Now the Highest in Nine Years

A rate used to price loans in Saudi Arabia climbed to the highest level since the financial crisis. But unlike 2016, it’s the race to ...


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Suspected Israeli strikes hit Iran-linked targets in Syria, escalating regional tensions

Missile strikes at two Iran-linked bases in Syria caused huge explosions and killed dozens of pro-government fighters, a monitoring group said Monday, in an attack ...



Iran bans Telegram as sanctions deadline looms

Iranian authorities have complained before about the way Telegram has been used by anti-government groups to organise rallies and protests. ...


Mike Pompeo

Pompeo’s early days and new hires at State show promise

While Pompeo’s confirmation was moving through the full Senate, several important senior-level positions at State were being filled by well-qualified appointees and rumors of additional ...


Iran Nuclear Program

Benjamin Netanyahu defends ‘Iran lied’ presentation

Since his prime-time presentation on Monday night, delivered in English, Netanyahu has faced accusations that it revealed little that was not already known by the ...


Iran Nuclear Agreement

Perspective: How Europe Can Save the Iran Nuclear Deal

Europe cannot afford to let the 2015 Iran nuclear deal fail. That's why Donald Trump should be confronted with a choice: either uphold the agreement, ...


War in Yemen

Commentary: To contain Iran, look first to Yemen – not sanctions

Of all the Middle East conflicts, the war in Yemen most sharply pits Iran against Saudi Arabia. Iran’s support has definitively shaped Houthi military capabilities. ...


Defense Innovation

Perspective: The Pentagon Is Losing the Innovation Battle. Here’s How to Turn It Around

The United States military is losing the innovation battle. This is not hyperbole. Ellen Lord, defense undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment, made this point last ...



Ex-CIA Director On National Security, Post-Truth ‘Assault On Intelligence’

In the past, most presidents have leaned on the intelligence community for guidance and context — but Trump has made plain his differences with the ...



Photographer Shah Marai among 31 killed in Kabul blasts

Ten journalists were among 31 people killed in a series of attacks in Afghanistan on Monday, including a BBC reporter and a well-known photographer who ...



Egypt confident $23 billion debt inflows will stay put

Egypt’s Finance Minister said the $23 billion that foreigners invested in Egyptian Treasury bills will stay in the country, owing to its improved credit profile ...


GCC Contracts

Top 10 biggest contract wins of April 2018

US giant Jacobs Engineering Group won a “landmark contract” from Saudi Aramco to project manage the Zuluf oil and gas megaproject. ...


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