Nasdaq Dubai to Launch Futures Trading in Saudi Quoted Companies before End of Year

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Banking and Finance

Why Saudi Banking M&A Awoke From a Two-Decade Slumber

After an almost 20-year drought in mergers and acquisitions among lenders in Saudi Arabia, a new deal may spur activity in the Middle East’s biggest ...


Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Bids For Global Tech Leadership, But There Are Major Hurdles On The Way

“Saudi’s economy might be much smaller than the U.S., but it is still one of the top 33 economies in the world.” ...


Women's Rights

Saudi Women’s Activists Arrested Prior To Lifting Of Driving Ban

At least six prominent defenders of women's rights in Saudi Arabia were detained this week, six weeks before the kingdom's ban on women from driving ...


Women's Rights

The high price of feminism in the ‘new’ Saudi Arabia

The activist’s rendition from the United Arab Emirates, where she was studying for a master’s degree, highlights the contradiction between Saudi Arabia’s public relations campaign ...


Mohammed Al Amoudi

Ethiopia Lobbies for Release of Billionaire in Saudi Arabia

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said he’s “sure” Ethiopian-born Saudi billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi will be released and returned to Ethiopia “soon” following discussions with ...


Saudi Stock Market

Nasdaq Dubai to launch Saudi Arabian futures later this year

The move will allow global investors to trade shares in Saudi Arabian listed companies via contracts to buy or sell shares at a set price ...


Qiddiya Entertainment Project

Saudi Arabia incorporates company to oversee multi-billion dollar Qiddiya project

Saudi Arabia has incorporated Qiddiya, the multi-billion-dollar entertainment destination in the kingdom, as a standalone business entity called Qiddiya Investment Company, a key step in ...


Houthi Missile Attack

Saudi air defenses destroy ballistic missile fired from Yemen

Coalition spokesman Turki al-Malki said Saudi air defense forces destroyed the missile over Jazan and accused the Houthis of targeting residential areas, according to a ...


Socotra Island

As Saudi Arabia and the UAE struggle for control of Socotra, Yemen’s island paradise may just swap one occupation for another

The UAE bought tanks and heavy artillery to the island for the first time, and kicked Yemeni workers out of the airstrip and port. The Yemeni ...



Saudi Arabian embassy in Lebanon hosts Iftar in honor of Prime Minister Saad Hariri

The Saudi Arabian Charge d’Affaires in Lebanon, Walid bin Abdullah Bukhari, held a Ramadan Iftar banquet at his residence in Al-Birzeh on Saturday evening in ...


Saudi Military

Heart-stopping video of Saudi C-130 flying over soldier in Yemen

A YouTube video emerged on Friday showing a Saudi C-130H flying very low over a soldier's head in Yemen, The War Zone first reported. ...


Makkah-Madinah Rail

High-speed rail line in Saudi Arabia to start operations in September

A high-speed railway line connecting Islam’s holiest cities – Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia – will become operational in September. ...


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Pompeo: US demands major changes in Iran following Trump’s withdrawal from nuclear deal

Mike Pompeo ripped into Iran on Monday during his first major speech as secretary of State – and on the heels of President Donald Trump's ...


Syria Civil War

Syrian army declares Damascus, outskirts ‘completely secure’

The Syrian army pushed Islamic State militants out of a south Damascus pocket on Monday, effectively clearing all insurgents from around the capital, state television ...



After meeting Abadi, Sadr says new government will be ‘inclusive’

Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shia leader whose bloc beat expectations to come out on top in Iraq's parliamentary vote, has held separate meetings with rival political ...


Trump Administration

Trump Jr. and Other Aides Met With Gulf Emissary Offering Help to Win Election

Three months before the 2016 election, a small group gathered at Trump Tower to meet with Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son. One was ...



Commentary: Political amnesia in Washington: From the Nakba to the occupation

Although the term nakba never entered Washington’s political lexicon, U.S. policymakers understood the nature and scope of the calamity that befell Palestinians during Israel’s creation. ...



Sixty Years of Egyptian Politics: What Has Changed?

The Egyptian state has undergone three major regime transitions since Gamal Abdel Nasser’s rule, with the current regime reversing much of the policies put in ...


Natural Resources

Trump talks a lot about coal. But his administration just named 35 ‘critical minerals’

The announcement is just the latest from the Trump administration trying to bolster domestic industries that has lost ground to foreign competitors, such as China, that ...



Five dead in attack on Afghan pipeline project

At leave five people were left dead in Afghanistan while clearing mines from the route of a planned natural gas pipeline, Afghan media reported Monday. ...



Brookings created a blueprint to help countries around the world radically improve education

Yet few countries have a serious game plan. When the Brookings Institution, a Washington, DC, think tank, surveyed more than 100 countries on what skills ...


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