Saudi Arabia, Russia to Jointly Invest $2 Billion in Tech Following Crown Prince, Putin Meeting

Saudi Arabia and Russia will jointly invest $2 billion in technology projects next year, according to reports, following the visit of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Russia at the start of the World Cup last week.

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War in Yemen

Saudi-Backed Forces Say Have Seized Yemen’s Hodeidah Airport

The airport, which includes civilian and military zones, was now being combed for any remaining pockets of rebels after days of intense fighting, said Abdulrehman ...


MSCI Inclusion

Saudi Arabia, Argentina decisions loom for MSCI index review

Global index compiler MSCI is considering including Saudi Arabia and Argentina in its emerging market indexes at a review of its widely-tracked benchmark on Wednesday, ...


Oil Prices

Saudi Dilemma: Output Boost Could Hurt Its Oil-Based Economy

Saudi Arabia’s plan to halt the oil-price rally could hurt its economy, depriving the kingdom of billions of dollars in income that it needs more ...


Saudi Football

Saudi Sets Goals for Football On and Off the Pitch

The investment in football is in line with the Vision 2030 diversification plans, with its new emphasis on entertainment and sports, both areas that attract ...


World Cup: 2018

Saudi Arabia players land safely at Rostov after plane caught fire in flight

Saudi Arabia’s plane has landed safely despite a terrifying incident when it caught fire during their flight to Rostov-on-Don for the World Cup game against ...


Women Drivers

Saudi Arabia’s women drivers get ready to steer their lives

On June 24, when Saudi women are allowed to drive for the first time, Amira Abdulgader wants to be sitting at the wheel, the one ...


Ahmed al-Khatib

Saudi Arabia dismisses entertainment chief

The royal decree reported by state owned Al Ekhbariya TV did not elaborate on why Khatib was dismissed or who would be replacing him. It ...



Russia and Saudi Arabia plan to invest $2 billion in technology projects

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) together with partners from Saudi Arabia intend to invest $2 bln in technology projects in 2019, head of RDIF ...


Law and Justice

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman issues order to appoint scores of judges to Ministry of Justice

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman issued a royal decree appointing 161 judges to the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday, Saudi state-news agency SPA reported. ...



MERS in Saudi Arabia this year includes hospital and household clusters

In a profile of MERS-CoV activity in Saudi Arabia since Jan 12, the country has reported 75 cases, including 10 from two small hospital clusters ...



Saudi Arabia Is Working On Improving The Lives Of Those With Special Needs

Earlier this week, Dr. Tamadur Bint Yousef Al-Rammah, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development, revealed that Saudi Arabia is devising a national strategy featuring ...



Saudi Arabia moves ahead with Salwa canal plan

Saudi Arabia’s deadline for accepting tenders to dig a 60-kilometre canal that will turn Qatar into an island will be June 25. ...


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Global Oil Markets

Saudi Arabia, Russia, other oil producers face ‘dicey’ decision that could rock oil market

OPEC is expected to ultimately agree to raise production along with Russia and other producers after they meet this week, and analysts expect to see ...


Cyber Security

Most Major US Agencies Are Now Feeding the Federal Cyber Threat Dashboard

A Homeland Security Department dashboard designed to collect and analyze cybersecurity information from across the government is now receiving data from 20 out of 23 ...


Global Oil Markets

Commentary: It’s Trump Sanctions, Not OPEC, That Are Boosting Oil

It is the fear that the world is about to lose as much a million barrels a day of Iranian crude oil exports by the ...



Commentary: Iraq’s al-Sadr turns to Iran-backed rival in bid to end vote fraud crisis

Divisions among Iraqi politicians over how to deal with voting fraud and irregularities during May’s parliamentary elections appear to have prompted Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ...



Perspective: Iran Telegram Ban Strangles Country Amid Struggling Economy, Protests

The disruption to millions of people’s daily lives in Iran caused by the Iranian Judiciary’s blocking of the popular Telegram messaging app on May 1, ...



Turkish air strikes kill 26 militants in southeast Turkey, Iraq — army

Turkish air strikes killed 26 militants and destroyed their gun positions, shelters and ammunition stores in southeast Turkey and northern Iraq this week, Turkey’s military ...


Migration Crisis

A Record Number Of People Were Displaced In 2017 For 5th Year In A Row

A record number of people have been forcibly displaced by war, violence and persecution, according to a new report from the U.N. High Commissioner for ...



Year-On-Year Expat Population in Oman Reduces by 43,000

The biggest demographic change was seen in the number of expatriates living in Oman, which fell by over 43,000 to 2,035,952 or 44.1 per ...


U.S.-Israel Relations

Trump reportedly signed secret pledge to protect Israel’s nukes

President Trump signed a secret letter last year pledging not to pressure Israel to give up its nukes after a contentious White House meeting with ...



Israel charges ex-minister Gonen Segev with spying for Iran

Shin Bet alleged that he had given the handlers information relating to Israel's energy sector, security sites in Israel, and officials in political and security ...


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