Saudi Aramco Weighs Global Bond Sale to Finance Purchase of Sabic Stake from PIF

Saudi Aramco is considering tapping the international bond market for the first time, Bloomberg and the WSJ report, in order to finance the acquisition of petrochemical giant Sabic.

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Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco Is Weighing a Global Bond Sale for the First Time

Saudi Aramco is weighing tapping the international bond market for the first time to finance the acquisition of petrochemical giant Sabic, a move into global ...


Saudi Aramco-SABIC

The industrial logic behind Saudi Aramco’s ‘chemical attraction’

experts on Saudi business have told Arab News that there is  a sound industrial logic to a potential move for SABIC, and that the effect ...


Rou’a Al Haram Al Makki

New Makkah mega project said to add $2.1bn to Saudi economy

A new mega project planned to accommodate more pilgrims in the Saudi holy city of Makkah is expected to contribute more than $2 billion to ...



Saudi’s Bahri reports 20% profit rise on fleet expansion

National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia, or Bahri - one of the world's biggest operators of large oil vessels - posted a 20 per cent ...



Revealed: the cost of Saudi, UAE data breaches

New IBM Security report finds that data breaches cost companies in Saudi Arabia and the UAE $163 per lost or stolen record ...


War in Yemen

Houthi Attacks On Economic Targets Bring Yemen War Closer To Home For Saudi Arabia And The UAE

Attacks by Yemen’s Houthi rebels on the economic interests of Saudi Arabia and the UAE appear to be increasing in number, with claims of several ...


Lunar Eclipse

‘Blood moon’ to be visible tonight in Saudi Arabia

And while it is likely to be visible across most of Asia, Africa and Europe, the best views will be in the Middle East and, ...


Saudi Nuclear Energy

Commentary: Nuclear Energy in Saudi Arabia




Moelis & Co to apply for Saudi advisory license: sources

Moelis & Co (MC.N) is preparing to apply for an advisory license in Saudi Arabia to enable it to secure more deals, three sources familiar ...



Saudi Arabia deposits $80 mln to support Palestinian Authority budget

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) transferred Saudi Arabia’s partial contribution worth of $80 million to support the ...


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Yemen Rebels Say They Attacked Abu Dhabi Airport With Drones

Yemeni Shiite Houthis said Thursday they had launched drone strikes at Abu Dhabi’s airport in the United Arab Emirates, Al-Masirah TV, which is controlled by ...



Iran’s Quds Force chief steps up warnings against Trump’s military threats

Soleimani said President Trump would regret waging a war that would “destroy all that he owns” — an apparent reference to U.S. influence in the ...



Syrian Kurdish-backed council holds talks in Damascus

The visit points to moves by the Kurdish-led authorities who control roughly one quarter of Syria to open channels to President Bashar al-Assad’s administration as ...



Death notices for Syrian prisoners piling up as Assad prevails in civil war

Since the spring, government registry offices have released hundreds of these notifications. Many of the notices report that prisoners have been dead since the ...


Counter Terrorism

US Counterterrorism strikes: Tempo remains high in Somalia and Yemen, transparency improves

Thus far in 2018, the United States has sustained its high strike tempo in Somalia and increased transparency on its air campaign in Yemen. Strikes ...



Israel to Build New Settler Homes after Deadly Knife Attack

"The best answer to terrorism is the expansion of settlements," Lieberman wrote on Twitter, announcing 400 new housing units in the Adam settlement north of ...



Friction with US may affect Turkey’s trajectory in NATO

Brunson has been suddenly granted a transfer to house arrest in a surprise reversal, but the damage had already been done. According to Aviation Week's Pentagon ...



‘A Sudden Burst of Movement’ on the Afghan Peace Process

Graeme Smith, an author and consultant for the International Crisis Group, said in an email that “senior officials in the Afghan government are saying the ...



BP pays $10.5 billion for BHP shale assets to beef up U.S. business

The deal, BP’s biggest since it bought oil company Atlantic Richfield Co in 1999, will increase its U.S. onshore oil and gas resources by 57 ...


Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse July 27: How to watch

There are many good reasons to gaze at the moon, but this week will provide an extra-special one. On the night of July 27, some ...


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