Higher Oil Prices Push Saudi Quarterly Revenue Up 67%


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Tesla Marks the Latest High-Profile Bet for Saudi Wealth Fund

Saudi Arabia’s purchase of a stake of about $2 billion in Tesla Inc. is only the latest high-profile investment by its sovereign wealth fund since ...



Saudi Arabia rules out mediation with Canada over rights criticism

"There is nothing to mediate," Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told reporters Wednesday in Riyadh, according to Agence France Presse. "Canada made a big mistake .... and a ...



Saudi Arabia’s budget deficit declines by 84% in second quarter

The Saudi finance ministry said the country’s budget deficit in the second quarter fell by 84 percent to 7.4 billion riyals. ...


Al-Waleed Bin Talal

Saudi Billionaire Resumes His Global Deal-Making

Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal’s $500 million spending spree on technology firms this week marks the billionaire’s return to international deal-making, while closely aligning his ...


Saudi Oil Policy

Why Saudi Oil Production Suddenly Dropped

But on Friday, Saudi sources and OPEC sources told news agencies that the Saudi oil production was not even close to record figures—and it actually ...


Yemen Civil War

Saudi Arabia: Fragments of missile from Yemeni rebels kill 1

Saudi Arabia says fragments of a missile fired by Yemen's Shiite rebels into kingdom's south have killed one civilian and wounded 11. ...


Home Ownership

New mortgages to boost home ownership in Saudi Arabia

Saudi citizens will be able to apply for cheaper and more accessible mortgages at fixed rates under an initiative launched Wednesday by the Saudi Real ...


Women Riders

Saudi women, free to drive, kickstart Harley-Davidson bike chapter

“We have the basic gear for women - armored jackets, helmets, gloves, boots and accessories,” Al-Mutlaq added. “But we expect there will be a growing ...


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Iran Sanctions

Iran Sanctions at the Halfway Point

November 4 will mark the end of the 180-day wind down period upon which time oil and energy-related sanctions will come into effect. ...



Yemen exports the first crude pumped since civil war began

Yemen has exported its first shipment of newly produced crude oil since civil war broke out in 2015, a milestone for the Arab world's poorest ...


China in the Region

China’s power in the Middle East is rising

The BRI, a set of maritime and overland trade and infrastructure programs, is meant to link China with states across Eurasia and Africa. MENA is ...



U.N. Puts Cost of Syria War Destruction at $388 Billion

The figure was released after a two-day meeting of more than 50 Syrian and international experts in neighboring Lebanon, hosted by the U.N.'s Economic and ...



Is Turkey heading for an economic crisis?

Recent developments in the country's financial markets have certainly been alarming. ...


Counter Terrorism

Analysis: U.S. Strategy and the Trends in Its “Wars” on Terrorism

The trends in terrorism and extremism are only one part of this problem, and part of the lack of any clear grand strategy that can ...


Pakistan Oil Find

Major oil find near Pak-Iran border

Minister for Maritime Affairs and Foreign Affairs Abdullah Hussain Haroon on Friday said that ExxonMobil has indicated that it is close to hitting huge oil ...


Iran in the Region

Iran navy exercise was a message to US on sanctions, says top US commander in Mideast

An Iranian naval exercise involving at least 100 small boats in and around the Strait of Hormuz last week was meant as a message to ...


Muslim Congresswoman

Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib on track to become first Muslim woman in Congress

Former Michigan state legislator Rashida Tlaib is poised to become the first Muslim woman elected to Congress after winning the Democratic nomination for the 13th ...


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