HAJJ 2018

2.3 Million Attend Hajj in Saudi Arabia

An estimated 2.3 million pilgrims reassembled in Mina on Tuesday in celebration of the Eid Al-Adha with the rest of the Islamic world, as part of the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

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Hajj 2018

Nearly 2.4 million pilgrims ascend Arafat for peak of Haj

A white sea of pilgrims ascended the vast plains of Arafat on Monday to pray and repent at the climax of the annual pilgrimage of ...


Hajj: 2018

Aerial photos of the Hajj reveal its massive scale

Aerial photos show the seemingly unending parade of pilgrims and the infrastructure necessary to accommodate them, from seas of tents and buses to the massive ...


Hajj Hackathon

Saudi women win a hackathon to make the pilgrimage safer

The winners were an all-female Saudi Arabian team that designed an app, called Turjuman, for translating signs around Mecca without internet access. ...


Global Finance

Commentary: Saudi Arabia is stumbling in effort to build global financial center

In some ways, Saudi Arabia is borrowing pages from Dubai's playbook. Both countries, for instance, have been tax havens for foreigners and the native-born population, ...


Public Investment Fund

This Is the Tesla Rival That’s Wooing the Saudis

Lucid Motors, a startup co-founded 11 years ago by a Silicon Valley veteran, is in the spotlight following news reports over the weekend that Saudi ...



Saudi Arabia connects seven new transformers to national grid

The new transformers have a combined capacity of 3,613 MVA and cost SR2.1 billion ($560 million), and are located in the northern region of the ...


Saudi Women

Saudi Women Pitch Their Dreams at Halcyon in Georgetown, Washington D.C.

Dreamers from all over the world are imbued with an unshakeable sense of hope. This held true for a group of plucky Saudi Arabian women ...



Jerry Inzerillo working with Saudi prince to build international tourist spot

Jerry Inzerillo flies to Saudi Arabia on Sept. 5 with a big job to do — create an international tourist destination in the 15th-century ruins ...



Saudi Arabia permanently revokes beIN Sports license

Saudi Arabian authorities have permanently revoked the license of beIN Sports after accusing the Qatari-owned channel of illegal monopolizing practices. ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

Trump sends condolences to families of Saudi students who drowned trying to rescue kids, embassy says

President Trump sent condolence cables to the families of two college students from Saudi Arabia who drowned in June while trying to rescue two young ...



Report: Saudi Arabia Looks To Build Oil Port In Yemen

The al-Mahra governorate borders Oman, and the border crossing, as well as the seaport and airport in the governorate, is under the control of the ...


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U.S. officials confident Ibrahim al-Asiri, chief al Qaeda bomb maker, killed in drone strike

U.S. officials are confident that al Qaeda's chief bomb maker Ibrahim al-Asiri has been killed by an American drone strike in Yemen. After Osama bin Laden was ...


Oil Prices

Commentary: Like a supertanker, the oil market needs time to change course

Although Saudi Arabia, in particular, had acted swiftly in producing more, it initially took some time until markets reacted. ...


Iran Sanctions

Iraq to ask U.S. for exemptions on some Iran sanctions

Iraq’s economy is so closely linked to Iran that Baghdad is going to ask Washington for permission to ignore some U.S. sanctions on its neighbor, ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

US to remain in Iraq ‘as long as needed,’ command says

The U.S. advisers now in Iraq will stay “as long as needed” to ensure the Islamic State does not regain strength and to assist in ...


Eid Al-Adha

Eid al-Adha: how Muslims celebrate the Greater Eid

The five-day holiday, also known as the Feast of the Sacrifice, or Greater Eid, is distinct from Eid-al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan. ...



Commentary: The US Will Spend Billions in Syria—Just Not on Rebuilding It

The U.S. has about 2,000 troops in Syria, who train, advice, and assist forces that fight ISIS; another 3,765 U.S. troops remain in Iraq serving ...



Commentary: Can a GCC Reconciliation Summit at Camp David Succeed?

After sporadic but unsuccessful attempts by Washington since the summer of 2017 to end the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) crisis, the Trump Administration is now ...



Commentary: Tehran’s Foreign Policy Originates from the Iran-Iraq War

The trauma of the Iran-Iraq War still exists for many Iranians, but as the conflict fades into the pages of history, it’s becoming increasingly challenging ...



Iran unveils new domestic fighter jet

Iran has unveiled a new domestic fighter jet, with President Hassan Rouhani saying Tehran's military strength was only designed to deter enemies and was aimed ...



Islamic State claims attacks on police targets in Russia’s Chechnya

Militants in the Russian region of Chechnya staged a series of attacks on police targets on Monday, the leader of the region and law enforcement ...


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