Oil Reaches Four Year High after OPEC+ Downplays Calls for Increased Production

Oil rose to its highest price in four years on Tuesday, to above $81 on Brent, after Saudi Arabia and Russia appeared to downplay calls from the US to increase production.

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Saudi Arabia shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush as other emerging markets, analyst says

A recovery in global oil prices — now around the $80 per barrel mark — is helping Saudi Arabia and its surrounding oil exporters to ...


Global Oil Markets

Saudis To Pump More Crude Oil In The Next Three Months

"Our plan is to respond to demand. If demand is 10.9 million b/d you can certainly take it to the bank that ...


Top Brands

Saudia most positively identified brand among Saudi millennials

YouGov’s daily brand tracking tool, BrandIndex, considered the opinions of respondents aged between 18 and 34, collected online over the past year, to discover the ...



Petronas-Saudi RAPID refinery offloads first oil cargo

A supertanker carrying the first crude oil cargo to a refinery being jointly built by Malaysia’s Petronas and oil giant Saudi Aramco has arrived at ...


Mining and Minerals

Saudis Boost Mining Sector In Diversification Push

Coupled with expansion in non-oil manufacturing (4.6 percent) and government services (3.4 percent), the strong performance of the mining sector helped drive overall GDP growth ...



Saudi Finance Minister: Economic Indicators Have Shown Positive Reforms

Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan said in a speech on the occasion of the 88th anniversary of the Saudi National Day that the ...


Saudi Football

Big-name stars have stands packed as records fall in new Saudi Pro League season

A total of 102,509 fans went to stadiums up and down the country as defending champions Al-Hilal maintained their perfect start to remain top of ...


Formula E

Track layout for Formula E’s Saudi Arabia race in Riyadh revealed

The track, which will host the first race of the FE's Gen2 era on December 15, features a number of long flowing corners and high-speed ...



Audio: Saudi Arabia and The Paradox of Plenty

This week, back in 1933, a team of American Geologists from Standard Oil Company in California arrived on the shore of a small, sparsely populated ...


Saudi National Day

Commentary: Saudis Highlight National Day to Marshal Support

Saudi Arabia’s ruling monarchy is promoting a robust patriotism to foster support for the social changes and muscular foreign policy championed by its young crown ...


Haramain Railway

Saudi’s high-speed Haramain railway to be inaugurated today

King Salman to inaugurate the Haramain high-speed railway, which can carry 60m passengers a year with a fleet of 35 trains containing 417 seats each. ...



Canada in talks over potential meeting with Saudis to discuss diplomatic rift

Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland is in talks to meet with her counterpart from Saudi Arabia on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in ...


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Global Oil Markets

Oil hits four-year peak after OPEC+ shows no sign of turning on the taps

Crude oil prices shot to a four-year high on Tuesday, catapulted by imminent U.S. sanctions on Iranian crude exports and the apparent reluctance of OPEC ...


Iran Parade Attack

Iran accuses Saudi Arabia, UAE of financing Ahvaz military parade attackers

Iran's Intelligence Ministry issued a statement Monday saying it had identified the group responsible for the Ahvaz attack, the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) ...



Bolton: US troops staying in Syria until Iran leaves

“We’re not going to leave as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders, and that includes Iranian proxies and militias,” White House national security ...


Russia in the Region

Commentary: Russia to Send Syria S-300 Missiles Despite Israeli Wishes

Until last week’s incident, Israel and Russia had managed to set aside their contradictory goals in Syria—for Russia, bolstering Assad, and for Israel, blocking Iran ...



Afghan Governor: The Taliban Are ‘Going To Win’ If Death Toll Continues To Rise

“The Taliban don’t want peace, because they think they can win the war,” Baghlan Province Governor Abdul Hai Nimati told the Times. “If it goes ...



Perspective: Khamenei Reversal on FATF Suggests US-Iran Talks Possible Under Trump

Many thought that his position had put an end to the idea of joining the convention, let alone addressing other FATF required measures. ...



21st century immigration favors Asians and college grads as the US foreign-born share rises

Newly released census data for 2017 show that the foreign-born percentage of the U.S. population reached a 107-year high of 13.7 percent in 2016. This ...


War in Yemen

Mukalla, in Yemen, Switches Hands from al-Qaeda to UAE

In these UAE-led counterterrorism operations, the Emiratis and their Yemeni partners have appeared to prioritize not just military action, but stabilization. ...



Commentary: Tunisia Struggles to Maintain Forward Progress

“The relative success of Tunisia’s transition does not mean that the process has been an easy one. The country’s seven-year-long transition to democracy has been ...



Gulf Arab states should be party to proposed Iran treaty talks: UAE official

Washington’s Gulf Arab allies should be included in proposed treaty negotiations with Iran over its ballistic missile program and regional behavior, a senior Emiriati official ...


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