PIF Launches Plans to Build Amaala, a Brand New ‘Ultra-Luxury’ Tourist Destination to Compete with Riviera

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) has announced the launch of Amaala, set to become an uber-luxury destination on the northwestern coast of Saudi Arabia that the Kingdom hopes will compete with the French Riviera for tourism dollars when completed.

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Saudi Oil Policy

Saudi Arabia will quietly add extra oil to the market to offset a drop in Iranian production

Saudi Arabia will quietly add extra oil to the market over the next couple of months to offset a drop in Iranian production but is ...



U.S. Makes Shortlist for Saudi Nuclear-Plant Deal

Saudi Arabia has put the U.S. on its shortlist of potential partners competing to build nuclear-power plants in the kingdom, while the two countries negotiate ...


Vision 2030

Saudi Sovereign Fund Plans to Build ‘Riviera of the Middle East’

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund plans to build an "ultra-luxury" destination for international tourists in addition to two other mega-projects already planned for the kingdom’s ...



Saudi central bank raises rates 25 bps, following Fed

Saudi Arabia’s central bank said on Wednesday it was raising its reverse repo rate by 25 basis points to 2.25 percent, and its repo rate ...



Saudi Arabia’s legal revamp offers hope for cautious investors

Saudi Arabia’s first comprehensive bankruptcy law went into effect last month, one of many reforms to the legal system that economists say may be more ...



Saudi Arabia’s growing health pains and how to cure them

An increase in life expectancy, an expected 19 million babies and alarming rises in obesity and diabetes are all set to put pressure on Saudi ...



Saudi’s entertainment sector takes a front-row seat with new visa

Saudi Arabia and entertainment are not two words you would have expected to see in one sentence a few years ago. The Kingdom, known for ...


Oil Prices

Saudi Arabia in short-term oil fix, fears extra U.S. supply next year

Saudi Arabia will quietly add extra oil to the market over the next couple of months to offset a drop in Iranian production but is ...



Kuwait welcomes visit of Saudi Crown Prince next Saturday

Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, will pay a two-day visit to Kuwait late this month and will review bilateral ...



Canadian and Saudi Officials to Meet Over Political Dispute

“I have been in close touch with Adel all summer. We call each other on our cellphones. We are going to meet ...


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Bailout in the Balance as Pakistan Meets With IMF Officials

Pakistan’s government will meet with International Monetary Fund officials on Thursday with a potential bailout looking increasingly likely, according to a member of the country’s ...



Perspective: Why Rouhani, facing political storm in Iran, is secure in face of US threats

But for Mr. Rouhani, White House threats over Iran’s “aggression” barely register. Even as he faces his own perfect storm at home of political infighting and ...



US Official: We May Cut Support for Iraq If New Government Seats Pro-Iran Politicians

The Trump administration may decrease U.S. military support or other assistance to Iraq if its new government puts Iranian-aligned politicians in any “significant positions of ...


Iraqi Kurdistan

Factbox: Iraq’s Kurds to elect a new parliament

Since the region established its autonomy in 1991, this has usually taken the form of a coalition between the two parties that have traditionally controlled ...


Iran Sanctions

Trump seeks UN backing for Iran nuclear sanctions

US President Donald Trump has urged other members of the UN Security Council to work with America to ensure Iran never acquires a nuclear bomb. Chairing ...


United Nations

Donald Trump uses ‘Mr. Kurd’ when calling on Kurdish reporter at UN

"Mr. Kurd, go ahead," President Donald Trump said Wednesday as he called on a Kurdish reporter to ask a question during a press conference at the ...



Clashes Between Islamic State and AQAP Emblematic of Broader Competition  

The Islamic State’s (IS) global network is far from defeated, but the core group’s loss of significant territory in Iraq and Syria is emblematic of ...



Turkey′s Erdogan hopes to ′turn over new page′ with Germany in state visit

After years of strained ties, Erdogan has said he wants to reset relations with Berlin during a pomp and circumstance-filled visit to Germany. But German ...


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