Saudi Private Sector Growth hits 11 Month High as Economy Adjusts to Reforms

Saudi Arabia may spend SAR 100 billion ($26.6 billion) more than originally planned in 2019.

Saudi Arabia

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OPEC meeting: Oil prices in focus as Saudi Arabia, Russia discuss production

OPEC and its oil market allies are expected to agree on the terms of price-boosting output cuts, but the deal is facing serious roadblocks as ...


Khashoggi Crisis

Senators introduce ‘mainly symbolic’ bipartisan resolution to blame Saudi Arabia for Jamal Khashoggi’s death

The resolution, which is mainly symbolic, says Saudi Arabia's crown prince is "complicit" in the killing. ...


Khalid Bin Salman

Brother of Saudi crown prince returns to the U.S.

After NBC News reported Wednesday on Prince Khalid’s return, the Saudi Embassy in Washington confirmed that he is now in Washington. Embassy spokeswoman Fatimah Baeshen ...



Saudi private sector growth hits 11-month high in November: PMI

Saudi Arabia’s non-oil private sector grew at its fastest rate for 11 months in November, in a sign that the economy may finally be recovering ...


Saudi Startups

Saudi Arabia’s tech startup ecosystem may be nascent, but is rapidly evolving to support economic growth

Saudi Arabia’s fundamental challenge is to transfer talent to private-sector employment and to tech entrepreneurship. The drive to promote private-sector employment, especially entrepreneurship, demands a ...


Global Oil Markets

Saudi Oil Premium Drops to 15-Year Low as Fuel Profits Crash

Oil refiners in Asia are fetching better returns by producing dirty fuel oil than from cleaner naphtha for the first time in more than a ...


Saudi Economy

The Saudi Economy Moves Closer to Russia and China

Since the Fracking Revolution, Saudi Arabia has embraced closer energy cooperation with non-Western powers, like China, Russia and India. In the downstream energy industry, the ...



Saudi-funded lobbyists reportedly spent $270,000 at Trump International Hotel after 2016 election

Two federal lawsuits have been filed claiming Trump violated the Constitution's foreign emoluments clause by taking improper payments from foreign governments ...



Falconers flock to Riyadh to celebrate ancient sport

Bird lovers from across the Gulf gathered in Saudi Arabia’s capital for a week-long falcon and hunting exhibition, aimed at increasing awareness of the ancient ...



Saudi road deaths fall 33% in a year

Saudi Arabia has seen a dramatic decrease in traffic accidents and related injuries and deaths in 2018 compared to last year, according to the kingdom’s ...


Saad Group

Saudi’s Saad Group and creditors select advisers in bid to resolve debt dispute

Saad Group and bank creditors of the Saudi Arabian conglomerate have both selected advisers in a bid to try to reach a deal that could ...



Report reassesses MIT’s relationship with Saudi Arabia

MIT has long participated in educational and research collaborations with colleagues and sponsors in Saudi Arabia. These types of activities, the report says, are aligned ...


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War in Yemen

Yemen war: ‘Milestone’ peace talks begin in Sweden

The latest talks are not expected to deliver a breakthrough. Correspondents say the key aim of this round is to prevent an all-out battle for ...


GCC Trade

Gulf Cooperation Council: Trade and Foreign Investment—Keys to Diversification and Growth in the GCC

GCC foreign trade has been expanding robustly, but FDI inflows have stalled in recent years despite policy efforts taken to reduce administrative barriers and provide ...


GCC Financial Systems

Gulf Cooperation Council: How Developed and Inclusive are Financial Systems in the GCC?

The development of bank and equity markets has been supported by a combination of buoyant economic activity, a booming Islamic finance sector, and financial sector ...



The War in Syria is Transforming the IRGC into an Expeditionary Force

Just as the war with Iraq from 1980 to 1988 transformed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from a group of ragtag militias into Iran’s pre-eminent ...



Bahrain’s Carefully Managed Elections Remake Parliament

The lead story out of Bahrain is sure to be the successful campaign of six women, double the number in the previous Parliament. Well-known youth ...



Trump told Erdogan he doesn’t want issues in sales of F-35 jets to Turkey: Turkish minister

U.S. President Donald Trump told Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan that he didn’t want any problems with the sale of F-35 fighter jets to Ankara, Turkish Foreign ...


Iran Sanctions

China demands Canada release Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, Accused of Violating Iran Sanctions

China on Thursday demanded Canada release a top executive at a Chinese technology firm — the daughter of the company’s founder — developments that could ...


Money Laundering Probe

Dubai’s ruler snubs Kuwait request to release frozen funds: letter

The investigation is taking place as the United Arab Emirates tightens financial regulations to fight a perception among some foreign investors that it is a ...


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