Breakthrough Ceasefire Agreements Reached over Yemen Ports as U.S. Senate Rebukes Trump

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War in Yemen

Senate votes to end U.S. support for Saudi war in Yemen

The U.S. Senate on Thursday passed a resolution to end American armed forces' support for the Saudi-led coalition in the country. The bipartisan resolution concerning ...


Saudi Oil Policy

Saudi Appears Set to Cut Oil Exports to U.S.

American-based oil refiners have been told to expect much lower shipments from the kingdom in January than in recent months following the OPEC agreement to ...


War in Yemen

Saudi envoy to US: Yemen deal ‘will help bring back security’

Saudi Arabia and its Arab coalition partners "strongly support" an agreement reached on Yemen in UN-brokered peace talks Thursday, which includes a ceasefire in the ...


U.S.-Saudi Military

US military sends $331 million bill to Saudis, UAE after refueling ‘accounting error’

Specifically, the US is working to recoup approximately $36.8 million for fuel and $294.3 million for flight hours, according to Pentagon spokesperson Cmdr. Rebecca Rebarich, ...


Saudi Stock Market

Saudi Arabia Pumps Up Stock Market After Bad News

While the recent stock purchases aren’t publicly disclosed, they’re openly discussed by Saudi traders. “In the bad days of Saudi Arabia, when there are troubles ...


Khalid Bin Salman

Saudi ambassador again departs US amid Khashoggi controversy

Prince Khalid had long been set to leave his post in December to take a senior national security position at the royal court, with Reema ...



Pakistan Receives Another $1 Billion From Saudi Support Package

In another boost to the nation’s dwindling dollar reserves, Pakistan on Friday received $1 billion from Saudi Arabia. South Asia’s second-largest economy is expecting its third ...


Red Sea Project

Why the Red Sea matters to Saudi Arabia

The first phase of the project, scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2022, will include up to 3,000 hotel rooms, an airport to ...



Saudi’s AHAB seeks creditor support for settlement under bankruptcy law

Saudi Arabian conglomerate Ahmad Hamad Algosaibi and Brothers (AHAB) has begun canvassing creditor support for its bid to become the first company to achieve a ...



Saudi drivers to make racing history with debuts at Ad Diriyah

Saudi motorsport has never looked so good as two drivers prepare for a historic debut in the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY, the world’s first international championship ...


Culture and Arts

World class musicians drawn to festivals at Saudi’s UNESCO site

Al-Ula, the archeological jewel of Saudi Arabia, has announced plans to play host to a special season of events and festivities this winter. ...


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Regional and related topics


Oil Producers Hammer Out Compromise Deal in Vienna; Extent of Cuts Unclear

Looking to boost oil prices, OPEC and its non-OPEC allies have agreed to curtail oil production by 1.2 million barrels per day, but the volume ...



Pompeo asks U.N. to bar Iran from ballistic missile testing

The immediate cause for the Security Council session was a Dec. 1 test of a ballistic missile that Pompeo said was capable of carrying nuclear ...



On Iran, US allies fear ‘maximum pressure’ could provoke escalation

European diplomats who have closely engaged with the US administration on Iran say they see little prospect that Iran will take up Trump’s offer of ...


Climate Change

Weary climate envoys stumble toward last stretch at UN talks

Bleary-eyed and pale after almost two weeks of negotiations, officials from almost 200 countries gathered Friday to discuss the first comprehensive draft agreement to emerge ...


U.S. Africa Policy

Trump’s New Africa Plan: Fewer US Troops and Aid, More Investment and Deals

To compete with China in Africa, the White House aims to encourage U.S. investment but will continue a troop drawdown and plans a harsh re-evaluation ...


Saddam Hussein

“Looking for Elvis”: An Oral History of Saddam Hussein’s Capture

Saddam made his last public appearance on April 9, 2003, in the streets of Baghdad, as U.S. forces closed in on the Iraqi capital. Then ...



Baghdad reopens fortified Green Zone a year after Isis ousted from Iraq

Iraq has begun removing cement walls from areas surrounding its capital’s most fortified enclave, opening parts of the so-called Green Zone to traffic in a ...



As Kurdish fighters move on last Isis-controlled town in Syria, Turkey threatens attack

Kurdish forces are on the brink of capturing the last town under Isis control in Syria, but even before that battle is over they face ...


Cyber Security

Shamoon 3 Targets Energy Sector in Middle East

Italian oil and gas services company Saipem has confirmed that its systems were hit recently by a new variant of the notorious Shamoon malware. Shamoon ...


Blurry Maps

Widespread Blurring of Satellite Images Reveals Secret Facilities

Yandex Maps—Russia’s foremost mapping service—has also agreed to selectively blur out specific sites beyond recognition; however, it has done so for just two countries: Israel ...


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