A Gradual Pickup in Private Sector Lending in Saudi Arabia Seen in Monetary Update

Saudi Arabia may spend SAR 100 billion ($26.6 billion) more than originally planned in 2019.
A recently-released report by Jadwa Investment finds a gradual pickup in private sector lending since April 2018 after showing a slowdown in 2017 and Q1 2018.

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Saudi Bonds

Foreign investors flock to Saudi bond sale

Almost all the paper was bought by foreign investors, with U.S.-based buyers in particular snapping up 40 per cent of the bond due in 2029 ...


Wind Energy

Saudi Arabia Closes $500 Million Wind Farm Deal

The Saudis are targeting 3.45 GW worth of generation from renewable energy by 2020, which would represent around 4 percent of generation capacity. By 2023, ...


Saudi Aramco

Saudi Arabia plots new path to long-delayed Aramco IPO

"That shows that Aramco's hesitation about doing an IPO is not about keeping information private," said Ellen Wald, an independent energy policy analyst at Transversal ...


Saudi Startups

Low oil prices could be a blessing for Saudi start-ups, investor says

Now that oil prices are dramatically down from their October highs, the veteran Middle East investor says the market moves "will definitely be a blessing ...


Expat Fees

Saudi Arabia doubles validity period for expat work visas

The ministry said that the decision was taken with a view to to reducing obstacles for private sector firms and easing processes for businesses, according ...



Opinion: Saudi Arabia and Trump Are Friends But the U.S. Is the Ally

If he’s able to persuade Americans to think of the alliance with Saudi Arabia as a link to his own administration rather than as the ...


U.S. Congress

U.S. lawmakers demand accountability for killing of Saudi journalist

More than a dozen senators and members of the House of Representatives, including both Democrats and Republicans, spoke at an event in the U.S. Capitol ...


Yemen Civil War

Houthi rebel drone kills several at Saudi coalition military parade

A bomb-capable drone controlled by Houthi rebels exploded over a military parade for the Saudi-led coalition and its allies on Thursday near the southern port ...


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Pompeo Speech

A Force for Good: America Reinvigorated in the Middle East

And it’s the truth, lower-case “t,” that I’m here to talk about today. It is a truth that isn’t often spoken in this part of ...



Syria troop withdrawal under way, says US-led coalition

Col Sean Ryan, a spokesman for the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State, said the process of deliberate withdrawal from Syria had started, but declined to ...


Trump Foreign Policy

Pompeo says US to host world summit focused on Iran next month

The U.S. will hold an international gathering of Middle Eastern allies next month in Poland, where top U.S. officials will discuss with foreign counterparts the ...


Offshore Oil

Winners and Losers in Big Oil’s Offshore Spending Revival

After four years of cutbacks, oil companies are poised to open their purses again and develop new offshore fields, although the benefits won’t be spread ...


Foreign Labor

New Omani Initiatives Reflect Gulf States’ Push to Nationalize Labor Forces

Short-term measures to replace expatriate workers with Gulf Arab citizens are likely to affect long-term economic growth and diversification processes, but the precise impact remains ...


Cyber Security

Report: Iran Is Likely Setting Stage for International Phishing Campaign

A new report says that someone — likely Iran — has been hijacking domains related to entities across the Middle East and North America, which ...


War in Yemen

Analysis: Time for a Saudi-Houthi Back Channel?




Erdogan’s $2 Billion Reason to Thank the Saudis

Turkey shrewdly took advantage of the spillover demand from Riyadh’s bond sale this week. Investors may well be under-pricing the economic risks. ...


Russia in the Region

Moscow’s Little-Noticed Islamic-Outreach Effort

Russia’s Islamic outreach is driven by several factors, first among them domestic worries. Muslims constitute nearly 15 percent of the Russian population, and Moscow fought ...


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