Saudi Arabia Launches Office to Monitor State Spending, Corruption After Crackdown


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Saudi Economy

Saudi Arabia non-oil economy climbs to 13-month high on new orders

Faster output growth and a rise in orders and employment lifted business conditions in Saudi Arabia’s non-oil private sector to their highest level in 13 ...



500 entertainment companies set up in Saudi Arabia in last year

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority believes that tourism companies and Hajj-related customer service will provide a boost to the kingdom's economy ...



Plans revealed for new $600m Saudi desalination project

Almar Water Solutions, part of Abdul Latif Jameel, has been awarded a contract to develop a desalination plant in the city of Shuqaiq, on the ...



Saudi Arabia’s $10bn privatization push gears up

Saudi Arabia’s privatization push is set to shift gear this year with plans to raise as much as $10 billion through state assets sales by ...



Saudi Arabia to address abuse of male guardianship system: media reports

Saudi Arabia will study how its male guardianship system is being abused, Saudi media reported on Monday, after the flight of an 18-year-old woman to ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

US investigating whether Saudi Arabia gave third parties American-made weapons: report

Saudi Arabia and its coalition gave al Qaeda, Salafi militias and other factions in Yemen weapons that were produced by the United States, CNN reported Monday. The weapons ...


General Auditing Bureau

Saudis launch office to keep up corruption fight after crackdown

The financial reporting office would be part of the state’s General Auditing Bureau, which watches out for financial discrepancies, public prosecutor Saud al-Mojeb was quoted ...



Saudi Arabia, Oman report more MERS cases

As part of a steady stream of recent MERS-CoV cases in Saudi Arabia, the country reported eight more illnesses over the past few days, including ...



Saudi Arabia to launch 16th satellite into space

The Kingdom will launch its 16th satellite into space on Tuesday: The Saudi Geostationary Satellite 1 (SGS-1). It will provide telecommunications capabilities, stronger internet connectivity, TV ...



KBR lands contract to improve efficiency of Saudi refinery

Financial terms of the contract were not disclosed but KBR officials reported that the project is expected to increase the refinery's original throughput capacity by ...



Saudi Falconry Festival breaks new Guinness world record

The festival was announced as the world’s largest falcon racing tournament with participation of a record 1,723 falcons that have competed for 10 days ( ...


Saudi International

WATCH: Sergio Garcia’s bunker meltdown in Saudi Arabia

On Saturday, Sergio Garcia was DQ’d from the Saudi International for a bizarre incident in which he intentionally damaged as many as five greens at ...


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Pope Francis

Tens of thousands pack stadium for first papal mass on Arabian Peninsula

Tens of thousands of Catholics and several thousand Muslims attended an unprecedented public celebration of Mass on Tuesday by Pope Francis, the first pontiff in ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

Pentagon says ISIS likely to retake territory and claim ‘victory’ after US Syria withdrawal

"ISIS may conduct opportunistic attacks on US personnel as they withdraw but will leverage the event as a 'victory' in its media," the report said, ...


U.S. Congress

Senate breaks with Trump on Afghanistan, Syria withdrawal

McConnell's amendment, which is nonbinding, would encourage cooperation between the White House and Congress to develop long-term strategies in both nations, "including a thorough accounting ...


Trump Foreign Policy

Commentary: How U.S. Mission Creep in Syria and Iraq Could Trigger War With Iran

Some analysts and U.S. officials believe that the change of mission for those forces could raise the chances of a war between the United States ...


U.S. Dollar

US Iran sanctions make Europeans challenge dollar hegemony

This mechanism might be too little and too late to salvage the Iran nuclear deal but it marks a milestone in an inevitable transition of ...



EU to Iran: Stop missile tests, assassination attempts on European soil

The European Union has struck out at Iran over its missile program and "unacceptable behavior" in Europe and the Middle East. Tehran has rejected the ...



Constitutional proposals could allow Sisi to stay in power till 2034 – document

The proposed amendments were submitted to the speaker of parliament on Sunday. Any changes need approval by two-thirds of parliament members, followed by a referendum. ...


China in the Region

Perspective: The US Needs a Real Plan to Counter China in Africa

The example of Djibouti is a case in point. China has resorted to bribes, intimidation, and legal chicanery to displace U.S. allies and seize control ...


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