Saudi Society Debates Keeping Shops Open during Prayer Times ahead of Shoura Consideration

Millions of Muslims worldwide celebrated the Eid al-Fitr.
A debate is raging on social media in Saudi Arabia about whether the Kingdom should continue to require by law the closing down of all shops, malls, restaurants, gas stations, and even hospitals during the call for adhan (Islamic prayer) and throughout prayer time, according to media reports

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Google to Continue Hosting Saudi ‘Absher’ App

Google will continue to host the controversial Saudi Arabian app Absher in its Play store after a probe found the app did not violate its ...


Power Rankings

US Study: Saudi Arabia is World’s 9th Most Powerful Country

The rankings look at a country's political and financial influences, as well as its international and alliances, the strength its military and how it acts ...


Tourist Visa

Saudi cabinet approves tourism visa for foreign travelers -media

Saudi Arabia's cabinet has approved electronic visas for foreign visitors to attend sporting events and concerts, local media reported, as the world's top oil exporter ...



Saudi Prosecutor Refers Jailed Women’s Rights Activists to Court

Investigations in the case are complete and an indictment has been prepared against the defendants, who are accused of “coordinated activity to undermine the security, ...


Corruption Crackdown Detainee

US: Diplomats Have Visited With Detainee in Saudi Arabia

U.S. diplomats have visited with a dual U.S.-Saudi national believed to have been tortured during his detention in Riyadh, National Security Advisor John Bolton said ...


Saudi Workforce

264,000 expats quit jobs in three months

It said the number of the expatriate workers was 7.157 million in the third quarter, down from 7.421 million in the second quarter. It meant ...


Food and Beverage

Saudi Arabia to boost nationals working in restaurant sector by 30%

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Development has signed an agreement with the kingdom’s Association of Restaurants and Cafes and the Human Resources Development ...


Saudi Workforce

Opinion: Is salary the only problem impeding Saudization

Are there enough Saudis to take available jobs in these sectors? If there are, can they accept to work for these little salaries, which are ...



To close or not to close shops during prayer, Saudi Arabia debates

Amid reports that Saudi Shura Council will soon debate whether to maintain the deep-rooted tradition of shutting down shops during prayers, Saudis flocked to social ...


Road Safety

More than 160,000 crashes in Saudi Arabia caused by mobile phone use behind the wheel

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) said it recorded 161,242 crasheswith their survey showing that the main causes were using mobile phones or ...


Saudi Foreign Policy

Palestine ‘top priority’ for Saudi Arabia: Al-Jubeir

Adel Al-Jubeir headed the Kingdom’s delegation to the 46th session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Council of Foreign Ministers, which started Friday. ...



Saudi Arabia Set to Launch a Music Institute

Saudi Arabia is undergoing a mini musical renaissance of sorts. The exciting news comes amid a slew of concerts and music festivals that have taken ...


Reema bint Bandar

Princess Reema to head Saudi Special Olympics Federation

Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Turki Al-Faisal, chairman of the board of directors of the General Sports Authority (GSA) and president of the Saudi Arabian Olympic ...


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No respite for Kashmir, even as tensions between India and Pakistan decrease

In this region that is at the heart of the conflict between India and Pakistan, residents have endured three decades of insurgency and cross-border firing ...


War in Yemen

Yemen crisis: UK’s Hunt warns Hudaydah deal ‘could die within weeks’

Mr Hunt's visit to Aden follows meetings with President Hadi and Saudi officials in Saudi Arabia and with Houthi spokesman Mohamed Abdul Salem in Oman. ...



U.S. Diplomatic Mission To Palestinians To Merge With Embassy In Jerusalem

When the United States closes its Jerusalem Consulate on Monday, it will not only be winding down a 175-year diplomatic mission. The move also represents ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

IS fighters put up fierce resistance to defend last pocket

Islamic State militants are desperately fighting to hang on to the last tiny piece of territory they hold on the riverside in eastern Syria, deploying ...



Algerian president announces departure plans after mass protests

Algeria’s ailing president has promised to step down after the next election and enact reforms, as the nation’s elite moved to consolidate its power in ...



Iran’s Military Steps Back From Economy With Six-Way Bank Merger

“By consolidating these banks, it becomes easier for the central bank to enforce regulations on investment activities and financial transparency,” said Esfandyar Batmanghelidj, founder of ...


Security Clearance

The Security Clearance Process Is About to Get Its Biggest Overhaul in 50 Years

For the last year, the Suitability and Security Clearance Performance Accountability Council has been working on the Trusted Workforce 2.0 framework, the start of a ...


Global Oil Markets

Global Oil & Gas Drilling Set To Surge In 2019

Excluding the United States, the world’s drilling activity is set to increase by 2.5 percent to 46,209 wells expected to be drilled in 2019, following ...


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Most Powerful Countries: Ranked

The world’s most powerful countries also are the ones that consistently dominate news headlines, preoccupy policymakers and shape global economic patterns. ...


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