Senate Passes Joint Resolution to End U.S. Military Support for Saudi-Led Coalition in Yemen

President Donald Trump made Saudi Arabia his first international visit as president.
The U.S. Senate passed a resolution Wednesday to end American support for the Saudi-led, U.N.-backed coalition in Yemen, issuing a challenge to President Donald Trump to use his first veto of his Presidency.

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Saudi Arabia Goes to OPEC+ Talks Reluctant to Do Trump’s Bidding

But the Trump administration stunned Riyadh by softening its crackdown on Iran at the last minute, allowing many customers to continue buying and triggering a ...


War in Yemen

Senate votes to end US support for Saudi-led Yemen conflict

The rare bipartisan admonishment of the president, if it became law, would force the U.S. to stop backing a Saudi-led coalition fighting Iranian-backed Houthi rebels ...


Jamal Khashoggi

US report faults Saudi Arabia in killing of journalist

A recent annual global human rights report said The Washington Post columnist was killed by agents of the kingdom, a close U.S. partner, while he ...



Saudi banking system outlook is stable, Moody’s

The Kingdom announced a 20 per cent capital spending rise to SAR 246 billion ($65.5 billion) this year and will focus on transportation and communication ...


Asia Tour

Saudi crown prince’s Asia trip showcases checkbook diplomacy and a more assertive foreign policy

The checkbook diplomacy makes perfect sense, given that China and India will account for the largest growth in demand for oil and gas — the ...



Saudi Arabia Announces Blockchain Integration in Oil Industry

If successful, blockchain technology would allow Aramco to validate the entire supply chain, enabling greater quality control. It could also monitor all interactions by supply ...


Vision 2030

Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Many of these products, such as IoT, artificial intelligence, advanced sensors, massive data and biotechnology, quantitative computing, and digital transformation, have no clear mechanism that ...


Where in Saudi Arabia

7 Saudi Arabia Cities Worth Visiting

ourism started only recently and given the large size of the country; it could be overwhelming to decide which part of the country to explore ...


Women's Rights

All The Big Changes That Happened For Saudi Women Last Year

Here are the momentous things Saudi women were allowed to do that really show you why 2018 was a landmark year. ...


Solar Power

Saudi Arabia launches prequalification for seven solar projects

Saudi Arabia’s Renewable Energy Project Development Office (Repdo) has invited developers to submit prequalification documents for seven photovoltaic (PV) solar projects under the second round ...


Cancer Prevention

Saudi Arabia steps up the fight against cancer

These include the roll-out of advanced screening programs; establishing new cancer centers across the region; increasing palliative care; and improving public health awareness about risk ...



Saudi Arabia has no Boeing 737 MAX in its aircraft registry: civil aviation

Marwa Rashad ...


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Pentagon allocates $300m to support Syria Democratic Forces

The Pentagon announced yesterday that it has allocated $300 million to support US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighting Daesh as well as $250 million to ...



Rouhani leverages Sistani visit to maneuver on Iran’s regional policy

Sistani’s paramount (and extra-constitutional) influence in Iraqi politics has been evident whether with reference to his call for participation in the electoral process in the ...


Trump Foreign Policy

Pentagon: Trump’s ‘cost plus 50’ plan hasn’t been discussed with Europe

President Trump’s controversial idea to press nations to pay the full cost of stationing U.S. forces on their soil, plus 50 percent more, is not a topic ...



Turkey targets defense and aerospace exports to counter growing national deficit

The Turkish government is pressuring its defense and aerospace industries to boost exports as part of an aggressive strategy aimed at addressing the country’s account ...


2022 World Cup

FIFA: Nations must restore ties with Qatar to host WC games

Persian Gulf countries would have to lift boycotts of Qatar before being eligible to join hosting of the World Cup, FIFA determined in a feasibility ...


Islamic State

Islamic State women defiant in face of lost caliphate

As the battle against the Islamic State (IS) group in eastern Syria enters its final stages, the BBC's Jewan Abdi says the mood amongst many ...



China Blocks U.N. Vote to Blacklist Pakistani Militant Leader

China on Wednesday blocked a United Nations Security Council measure that would have blacklisted the Pakistani founder of Jaish-e-Mohammed, the militant group that nearly brought ...



These brands are transforming Middle Eastern design

November’s Dubai Design Week brought a slew of stylish pieces from local brands that reinterpreted local grandeur and turned it on its head—by recreating minimalist ...


Arctic Oil

Norway to offer more acreage for Arctic oil exploration

The Norwegian government plans to expand the offshore oil and gas acreage offered to oil companies under its annual licensing round in so-called predefined areas ...


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