Princess Reema Bint Bandar Sworn In as Ambassador to the United States

Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud was sworn in on Tuesday as Saudi Arabia’s next Ambassador to the United States, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

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Capital Markets

Saudi regulator approves IPO of Alhokair’s Arabian Centres Company

The Saudi regulator, Capital Market Authority (CMA), said on Monday it had approved the public share listing of Shopping malls operator Arabian Centres Company, owned ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

Saudi Crown Prince meets commander of U.S. Central Command: report

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman met U.S. Central Command commander General Kenneth McKenzie in the capital Riyadh to discuss cooperation between the two countries, ...


Reema bint Bandar

Princess Reema takes oath as new Saudi ambassador to the US

Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan on Tuesday was sworn in as new Saudi ambassador to the US before King Salman at Al-Yamamah Palace in ...



Uber’s new feature in Saudi Arabia allows you to filter drivers by gender

Last month, US ride-booking giant Uber made waves in the region when they bought local cab company Careem, for a record $3.1billion (approx. AED 11 billion). ...



Google is Saudi Arabia’s Most Influential Brand, According to Ipsos Survey

Ipsos in KSA has announced the results of its “Most Influential Brands” survey, conducted for the first time in Saudi Arabia. The study measured consumer ...


Solar Power

Saudi power company in Dubai to build the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant

A Saudi power company will soon begin construction on the world's largest concentrated solar plant. Situated in the United Arab Emirates, the plant will have ...



BlackRock launches MSCI Saudi Arabia ETF in Europe

Listed on London Stock Exchange, the fund provides investors with pure-play access to Saudi Arabia’s equity market ahead of its planned upgrade to emerging market ...


Food & Beverage

Investment opportunities in the Saudi food sector

Saudi Arabia’s Food and Beverage (F&B) market is the largest and most attractive in the Middle East, valued at $45 billion and predicted to grow ...



Analysis: How big a deficit should the Saudi Arabian government run?

Saudi Arabia is planning on operating a fiscal deficit of approximately $35 billion (just over five percent of GDP) for the year 2019. Once it ...



More than 40 percent of Saudis are obese, 70 percent overweight

“Diabetes drains big sums of any country’s budget allocated for health ministries,” he told Arab News. “More than 40 percent of Saudi citizens are suffering ...



Sudan pledges to continue supporting Saudi-led coalition in Yemen

Sudan is part of a UAE- and Saudi-led military coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen. It has provided the largest number of foreign troops to the Saudi-led ...



Saudi civil aviation authority starts issuing drone permits

The recreational permit states that the operator must not fly the drone within eight kilometers of an aerodrome, helipad, or any piloted manned aircraft, industrial ...


Watan 89

‘Watan 89’: Saudi security forces’ explosive display of firepower

Interior Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Saud bin Naif watched the no-holds-barred closing ceremony of the third joint training exercise for Watan 89, a special ...


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US terrorism label for Iran Revolutionary Guard takes effect

The move adds a layer of sanctions to the elite military unit and makes it a crime for anyone in or subject to U.S. jurisdiction ...



In Libya, a rogues’ gallery of militias prepare for war

Libya is on the verge of an all-out war involving a rogues’ gallery of militias, many of which are little more than criminal gangs armed ...



US killed No. 2 leader of ISIS-Somalia, officials say

The U.S. military has been supporting the government of Somalia as it increases the competency of its security forces and pushes back against extremist groups ...


Oil Prices

Analysis: Hedge funds’ oil positions start to look stretched

Hedge fund managers continue to accumulate positions in crude and gasoline in the most sustained bull market since 2017 but the market is starting to ...



Air Force’s F-35A Deploys to Middle East for First Time

Air Forces Central Command announced Monday that F-35 fifth-generation fighters from the 388th and 419th Fighter Wings at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, have ...



In Yemen, a jihadist rivalry between Al-Qaeda and ISIS

Clashes are occurring regularly in central Bayda province between Yemeni tribal forces aligned with the two extremist groups. ...



Kabul announces list of 250 Afghans for talks with Taliban

Kabul has announced a list of 250 people — including around 50 women — who are headed for Qatar for talks with the Taliban later ...



Pakistan reaches ‘agreement in principle’ with IMF over bailout

Pakistan has reached an “agreement in principle” with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) over a bailout program and expects to formally secure a rescue package ...



Factbox: Leading Sudanese security figures

Officers who ousted President Omar al-Bashir from three decades in power have announced that a military council will run Sudan for a transitional period lasting ...


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