New ‘Economics in Society’ Report Examines Role of Misperceptions on Women Employment Rates in Saudi Arabia

Vision 2030 seeks to promote women's role in the Saudi economy.
"Most Saudi men privately believe that women should be allowed to work, but that they underestimate the extent to which other men share their views."

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Saudi Stock Market

Foreigners Keep Buying Saudi Shares: Read This on a Loop

Those making money as foreigners arrive are mostly Saudi. Local individual and institutional investors have been net sellers almost every week this year. ...



Saudi Arabia’s TAQA plans to acquire two North American firms

TAQA has allocated about $1.2 billion for new investments and acquisitions in North America and the Middle East and North Africa regions over the next ...



What strengthening Saudi-Iraq relations means to the region

Stronger relations between Saudi Arabia and Iraq will mean more stability in the region, particularly when it comes to stemming the influence of Iran, according ...


Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco Said to Give Extra Oil to Hungry Asian Buyers

State-run producer Saudi Aramco will sell additional cargoes to customers in the world’s biggest oil-consuming region for June loading, according to people with knowledge of ...


Saudi Image

Perspective: How to change the perception of Saudi Arabia in the West

In my view, the solution to this problem lies in relying on young Saudis who are well aware of the realities and history of their ...



Global experts commend Riyadh’s lifestyle transformation projects

A panel of prominent International experts from various academic and professional fields convened to discuss Riyadh’s $23 billion investment in the recently announced four grand ...



Commentary: Nationalism on the rise as Saudi Arabia seeks sense of identity

“This is something for the country’s leadership to really sit down and try to define . . . what sets a Saudi apart from a non-Saudi? What are the ...


Nuclear Power

As Saudi Arabia Builds A Nuclear Reactor, Some Worry About Its Motives

The Argentine-designed reactor will produce just tens of kilowatts of energy, a tiny fraction of what Saudi Arabia needs. But it's a sign of things ...



Almarai’s head of investor relations breaking workplace gender boundaries in Saudi Arabia

For Maria Al-Zahrani, living and working in Saudi Arabia is not only a career opportunity, but also a “mission.” The daughter of a Saudi father and ...



Profile: Saleh Al-Rasheed, governor of Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for SMEs

Saleh Al-Rasheed is the governor of the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monshaat). Previously, Al-Rasheed was the CEO of Riyadh Airports Co. He led ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

Puppy from streets of Saudi Arabia to become service dog for vet in US

"He was on the streets (in Saudi Arabia) and he was a homeless dog," Adama Pfaff, director of Desert Trails Shelter, told the news outlet. The ...


Women in Sports

Saudi Arabia Hosts First All-Female Basketball Final Against Team of Diplomats from Around the World

This week, Saudi Arabian women hit a new milestone in the field of sports, this time through a very unique initiative launched by Saudi Arabia’s ...


The Body Shop

These Saudi Beauty Bloggers Are Showing The World What #arabgirlmagic Smells Like

Four Saudi social media stars - Bayan Al Sindi, Lina Al Serhan, Amal Sultan and Wafa Ahmed - teamed up  with The Body Shop to create the Scents ...


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Turkey Orders Istanbul Vote Rerun After Erdogan Rejects Defeat

Turkey ordered a re-run of mayoral elections in Istanbul, overturning a rare defeat for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and sending the lira plummeting as concerns ...



Officials: U.S. carrier group, bombers going to Mideast due to multiple Iran threats

The officials warned Iran has proxy forces operating in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other parts of the region who could rise up and target Americans. ...



A Boom Time for US Sanctions

The use of sanctions has exploded in the 21st century, especially as the U.S. has gotten very good at tailoring financial penalties to affect individuals ...


Russia in the Region

Perspective: Putin’s Russia Gets Higher Marks From Young Arabs Than U.S.

The last two editions of the Arab Youth Survey, an annual study of attitudes among 18- to 24-year-olds in the Middle East and North Africa, ...


Iran Nuclear Agreement

Iran Poised to Breach Parts of Nuclear Agreement, Europeans Warn

European diplomats warned Monday that Iran is preparing to abandon parts of a landmark nuclear deal in response to new U.S. sanctions, a step that ...



UN alarm at escalation of hostilities in Idlib

The region is covered by truce brokered in September by Russia, which backs President Bashar al-Assad, and Turkey, which supports the opposition, that has spared ...


Taliban Talks

US-Taliban talks stumble over troop withdrawal

Central to negotiations is the fundamental question of a timetable for when US and foreign forces might leave Afghanistan, after more than 17 years of ...



Khalifa Haftar can still be part of future Libya government, says Hunt

Britain appears to have shelved efforts to pass a UN security council resolution calling for a ceasefire, since Russia, the US and to a lesser ...



U.S. Secures Access to Oman’s Crowded Ports

Access to Duqm is not limited to the United States as Oman aims to develop the port and surrounding area into a major industrial center ...



Bahrain premier calls Qatar ruler, rare contact amid dispute

Bahrain's long-serving prime minister has called Qatar's emir to mark the start of the holy month of Ramadan in a rare contact between Doha and ...



How long can PA keep borrowing money from Palestinian banks?

Since the Israeli decision to deduct clearing funds in February, the Palestinian government has suffered an even greater financial crisis than it has before. As ...



Gulf pledges offer scant reprieve for Sudan’s economy

As wrangling over Sudan’s political future drags on, its economy risks sinking further into disarray, with pledges of assistance from the Gulf expected to provide ...


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