Fragile Ceasefire in Key Yemen Port Broken with Fresh Fighting after Cross-Border Drone Attack on Saudi Oil Pipelines

Yemen's civil war has threatened the Saudi border.
Fresh fighting broke out in a key port in Yemen yesterday, breaking a fragile cease-fire and threatening to complicate a troop withdrawal agreement intended to pave the way for wider peace talks, according to reports.

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Saudi Arabia oil facilities attacked, U.S.-Iran tensions flare

Saudi Arabia said armed drones struck two oil pumping stations in the kingdom on Tuesday in what it called a “cowardly” act of terrorism two ...


Oil Infrastructure

Factbox: Escalating attacks raise risk on Saudi oil supply

Combined, the latest attacks have targeted the two main alternative supply routes for Saudi Arabia and UAE oil exports outside of the Persian Gulf. ...


Privileged Iqama

Saudi cabinet approves new expatriate residency scheme

Saudi Arabia’s cabinet approved the “Privileged Iqama” residency scheme on Tuesday, which allows expatriates to live and work in the Kingdom without the need of ...


Government Spending

Saudi Arabia’s $53 Billion Non-Oil Stimulus May Last Beyond 2021

Saudi Arabia’s 200 billion-riyal ($53 billion) lifeline to its non-oil economy may be in place for longer than planned as the kingdom supports industries struggling ...



Years-Long Phishing Campaign Targets Saudi Gov Agencies

The campaign, codenamed “Bad Tidings,” has sought out victims’ credentials with clever fake landing pages pretending to be the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior’s e-Service ...



Goldman Sachs brings forward claim linked to Saudi debt saga, sources say

Goldman Sachs has bought a claim against The International Bank Corporation (TIBC), a Bahraini bank whose default 10 years ago triggered the biggest financial crisis ...



Saudi-backed Yemen forces attack Houthi sites: Al Arabiya

Forces of the internationally recognized Yemeni government, which is backed by a Saudi-led coalition, killed 97 Houthi forces and captured 120 in the governorate of ...



Saudi aid, donations reaching people around the world

The total assistance provided by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) covering 44 countries worldwide amounted to $3.25 billion as of March ...



Behold Wadi Hanifa, Saudi Arabia’s Unique Oasis

Unsurprisingly, scenic Wadi Hanifa is a popular weekend destination for many families and groups. With its water canals, green spaces, walkways and picnic spots, the ...


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Trump says he’s not considering sending troops to Iran, but he ‘absolutely’ would

President Donald Trump on Tuesday dismissed a report that he was reviewing a plan to send hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops to the Middle ...


Iran in the Region

Using Proxies, Iran Appears to Be Hitting Back in the Fight Over Oil

“Both attacks are targeting the facilities that support oil flows bypassing the Strait of Hormuz,” said Sara Vakhshouri, a former employee at Iran’s national oil ...


Iran Tensions

Iran’s Supreme Leader says there will be no war with U.S.

“There won’t be any war. The Iranian nation has chosen the path of resistance,” Khamenei was cited as saying by the state media. “We don’t ...


'Endless Mayfly'

Researchers find Iranian-linked online campaign to spread anti-Saudi, anti-Israel and anti-American content

Researchers at a Canadian firm announced Tuesday that they found evidence of an Iranian-backed global online disinformation campaign targeting U.S., Saudi and Israeli interests. The University of ...



State Department orders non-emergency employees to leave Iraq amid Iran tensions

The department said the sudden changes were because the US government's "ability to provide routine and emergency services to US citizens in Iraq is extremely ...


Oil Markets

Russia Seen Wanting to Share Saudi Output Hike as OPEC+ Meets

Russia will join OPEC+ talks this weekend having barely fulfilled its pledged production cuts, but keen to secure a share of any potential output increase. In ...



Sudan army rulers, protesters agree on 3-year transition period

Sudanese army rulers and protest leaders Wednesday agreed on a three-year transition period for transferring power to a full civilian administration even as negotiations over ...


Hate Speech

On visit to New Zealand mosque, U.N. chief vows to combat growing hate speech

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres aims to draw up a global plan to fight a rising tide of hate speech, he said on Tuesday, during ...


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