Vision 2030 economic reforms ‘have started to yield positive results’ in Saudi Arabia, IMF says


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Saudis Blast Iran’s ‘Expansionist Agenda’ After Attacks On Oil Installations

Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of ordering recent drone attacks on the country's oil facilities that were claimed by Yemen's Shi'ite Huthi rebels. Saudi Deputy Defense ...



Drone Sabotage on Saudi Pipeline Facility Raises Concerns

Two pump stations on Saudi Arabia's key East-West pipeline were attacked by armed drones early Tuesday, causing a fire and minor damage. The Saudi Press Agency declared it an "act ...


Drone Attacks

Saudi Arabia has restarted oil pipelines after Iran-backed rebel attack

The targeted pipeline carries crude 746 mi (1,200 km) between the Persian Gulf and Red Sea, enabling the Saudis to ship oil from both sides of ...


Saudi Economy

IMF: Concluding Statement of the 2019 Article IV Mission

Over the medium-term, the team expects a strengthening in non-oil growth to around 3-3¼ percent as the ongoing reforms yield dividends and overall real GDP ...


Expat Labor

Saudi Arabia Says Landmark Residency Plan Will Bolster Economy

Saudi Arabia approved a program that offers permanent residency for some foreigners to attract investments, the latest sign of how the quest for non-oil revenue ...


MSCI Index

MSCI CEO Fernandez Discusses Index Weighting of Saudi Stocks

MSCI Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Henry Fernandez discusses the weighting of Saudi stocks on MSCI's benchmarks ...


Venture Capital

Opinion: Saudis’ Sand Hill Joy Ride Could Spell Trouble

Saudi Arabia’s desire to invest in cutting-edge ventures makes sense, but few appreciate that another reversal in oil prices could dent their valuations and Saudi ...


Real Estate Management

Saudi developer Raza seeks to grow assets to $7bn by 2024

The real estate management arm of the Public Pension Agency wants to manage assets belonging to third-party investors such as banks, real estate investment trusts ...


Film and Entertainment

A Year After Cannes Splash Saudi Arabia Film Effort Subdued But Active

Saudi Arabia once had grand ambitions to become the movie capital of the Middle East, but the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has cast a ...


Foreign Aid

Saudi Arabia and UAE provide $70m to help Yemeni teachers

Saudi Arabia and the UAE will provide $70 million in financial support to Yemeni teachers, in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The initiative ...


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Tensions over Iran show cracks in a time-tested alliance

Dating back to World War II and including joint actions against Kosovo, Afghanistan and the two wars against Iraq, U.S. leaders have been able to ...



US military build up ‘sparked by Iran loading missiles onto small boats’ in Persian Gulf

The US has not made its intelligence public but the alarm was caused by images showing the missiles being put onto small dhow boats, according ...


China in the Region

Perspective: Who Wins When U.S.-Iran Tensions Rise? China – Defense One

Of the several “comprehensive strategic partnerships” that Beijing has struck in the Middle East, the Sino-Iranian one is the most comprehensive and the most strategic. ...


Yemen Civil War

Fighting grips south Yemen as Saudi coalition bombs capital

Yemen’s human rights minister says heavy fighting is underway in the country’s south as rebel Houthis push to gain more territory from government forces and ...



Turkey’s ‘low’ FX reserves leave country vulnerable, Moody’s warns

Turkey’s foreign exchange reserves have fallen to a fresh 2019 low once short term borrowing is stripped out, new data showed on Thursday, as Moody’s ...


U.S.-China Trade Deal

Airbus CEO says all planemakers to suffer from ‘lose-lose’ trade war

Airbus Chief Executive Guillaume Faury warned on Thursday any further escalation of trade tensions would damage aerospace firms globally, including the European planemaker’s U.S. rival ...



Egypt’s Sisi opens huge suspension bridge over the Nile

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Wednesday opened a suspension bridge over the Nile touted as the world’s widest, one of a series of military-led, ...


Oil Markets

Brent oil hovers around $72 on Middle East tensions

Oil prices rose on Thursday for a third day running as fears of supply disruption amid heightened tensions in the Middle East overshadowed swelling U.S. ...


Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance Premiums Could Rise for Some After Saudi Ship, Facility Attacks

The attacks pushed up global oil prices by more than 1% on Monday, adding to rising costs for Asian refiners, who are now paying the ...



In Iraq, academics restock Mosul’s barren bookshelves

For centuries, Mosul was known for its artists and writers, for libraries brimming with books in multiple languages, and for housing Iraq's first printing press. But ...


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