Putin Highlights Price Difference with Saudis and OPEC+ with Key Production Decision Looming

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries along with Russia and its allies will curb oil output by a collective 1.2 million barrels a day.
Saudi Arabia and Russia may not see eye-to-eye on the targeted price of crude oil, which could complicate the two sides' efforts to reach a joint decision on supply, according to multiple reports.

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Oil Markets

Saudis, Russia Meet With Future of OPEC+ Cuts Still Unresolved

A year ago, on one of St. Petersburg’s famous “white nights” of summer, Saudi Arabia and Russia reached an agreement that set a new direction ...


U.S. Congress

Senators plot 22 resolutions to block Saudi arms sales

A bipartisan group of senators plans to flood the Senate with 22 separate resolutions to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf allies ...



US intel shows Saudi Arabia has expanded its ballistic missile program

Though Saudi is among the biggest buyers of US weapons, it is barred from purchasing ballistic missiles from the US under regulations set forth by ...



UAE, Saudi Arabia, Norway to present findings of tanker attacks’ probe to UN

The United Arab Emirates, along with Saudi Arabia and Norway, will on Thursday present to the UN Security Council the findings of their probe of ...


Women's Rights

Video: The Role of Women in Saudi Arabia’s Home Ownership Goal

Saudi Arabia's government is aiming to increase home ownership among citizens to 70% by 2030. Karen Young, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute tells ...



Russia’s sovereign wealth fund eyes $2bn investments with Saudi Arabia in 2019

Among the projects under review, Dmitriev added, are oil technology projects, the production of insulin and vaccines by Russian companies in Saudi Arabia, the construction ...



Saudi influence in spotlight as US calls on Riyadh to end Sudan violence

In an unusual public statement the US state department revealed that its undersecretary for political affairs, the diplomat David Hale, had phoned the Saudi deputy ...



Saudi Arabia’s role as an emerging hub for transport and logistics

Saudi Arabia’s budget for the 2018 fiscal year included an 86 percent increase in planned government expenditure on infrastructure and transportation –  from $US$ 7.7 ...


Red Sea Corals

Israeli scientists join colleagues from Sudan, Saudi Arabia to save Red Sea corals

Since some of the countries involved have no diplomatic relations with Israel, the cooperative research will be conducted via a neutral mediator, the Swiss Federal ...


Saudi +

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Iran Likely to Suffer Worse Recession Than Previously Thought

In its latest Global Economic Prospects report published Wednesday, the Washington-based institution that provides loans to countries said it expects Iran’s Gross Domestic Product to ...



In a city of ever-shifting front lines, Libyans confront their worst fighting in years

The United States has in the past supported the U.N.-backed government. But in an April phone call with Hifter, President Trump endorsed his offensive, leaving ...


China in the Region

China’s Changing Role in the Middle East

Energy trade explains part of this, as Japan, South Korea, and China are consistently among the largest export markets for Middle East oil and gas. ...


Peace and Prosperity Conference

Major world financial bodies plan to be at U.S.-led Palestinian conference

The efficacy of the June 25-26 meeting in Bahrain has been in doubt since Palestinian leaders and businesspeople decided to shun it over Washington’s perceived ...


Yemen Civil War

Houthis kill imam, 9 worshippers for following Saudi Eid al-Fitr moon sighting

An imam and nine worshippers were killed following Houthi militia attacks on a number of mosques for celebrating Eid al-Fitr on Tuesday, after Saudi Arabia ...


War in Yemen

Trump presses UAE on alleged human rights abuses in Yemen

In a joint March report to Congress on US strategy in Yemen seen by Al-Monitor, the State and Defense departments and the US Agency for ...



With cows, chickens and greenhouses, Qatar takes on regional boycott

In the early months of the crisis, Qatar liquidated nearly $3 billion in U.S. treasury investments and drew down over $40 billion in foreign reserves ...



Masayoshi Son Made 62% Return on SoftBank’s $64 Billion Tech Bets

Masayoshi Son isn’t one to shy away from risk. The Japanese billionaire of course established the $100 billion Vision Fund to make big bets on tech ...


Arms Sales

State Dept official ousted after assisting arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE: report

The declaration led to concerns in Congress about whether Faulkner had violated ethics rules by contributing to the declaration, which allowed Raytheon to sell $2 ...


Department of State

US Senate Confirms Appointment of David Schenker to Top State Department Middle East Post

A former Pentagon official, Schneker most recently worked at the Washington Institute for Near Eastern Affairs think tank, where he was the Aufzien fellow and ...


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