Aramco Expats’ The Seven Wonders of Arabia, a Tribute to the Kingdom’s Remarkable Heritage Sites – Part 7: Ar Rajajil—The Stonehenge of Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia

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Hajj 2019

The pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia

The annual Hajj pilgrimage, which begins on Friday, is considered the spiritual pinnacle for 1.8 billion Muslims around the globe. ...


Hajj 2019

Hajj through the eyes of a Saudi veteran of the pilgrimage

As a child of Makkah and a regular visitor to the Kaaba since before he was 10 years old, no one knows the grounds of ...


Oil Supply

Saudis to suppress oil supply in September to stabilize market

Saudi Arabia plans to keep oil exports below 7 MMbpd next month as the OPEC country allocates less crude than demanded by customers to help ...


Aramco IPO

Aramco IPO could be back on front burner, as company plans investor call

Aramco is expected to hold an investor call Monday, its first ever following its board meeting. It is expected bond investors will be on the ...



By 2020, More Than Half of Passport Controllers in Saudi Arabia Will Be Women

According to Arab News, Brig. Gen. Dr. Saleh bin Saad Al-Merbaa, director of general administration for training in the passport department, spoke exclusively to the ...


Saudi Grain Imports

Russia Wheat Gets Another Market as Saudi Eases Import Rules

The move opens the door for Russia, the biggest wheat shipper, to break into the Saudi market after more than a year of talks. It ...


Yemen Civil War

Yemen’s Houthis launch drone attack on Saudi’s Abha airport

Yemen's Houthis have launched two drone attacks on Saudi Arabia's southern Abha airport, the rebel fighters' spokesman said. A spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition fighting the ...



Saudi, US officials discuss ways of enhancing energy investments and cooperation

The meeting also looked at ways of enhancing relations between the two countries and investments in the fields of energy, industry, climate and technology. ...



Joshua v Ruiz Jr: Saudi Arabia a strong contender to host rematch

Saudi Arabia has emerged as a strong contender to host Anthony Joshua's much anticipated rematch with unified world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. ...


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Iran in the Region

In Gulf Tanker Crisis, Iran Tries to Avoid Alienating Allies

“It’s like mutual-assured destruction. Everything is a potential collateral damage,” said Helima Croft, chief commodities strategist at Canadian broker RBC. “You think you get a ...



Iran’s Expanding Militia Army in Iraq: The New Special Groups

Pro-Iranian militias in Iraq—excluding Badr—have swollen from as few as 4,000 personnel in 2010 to over 60,000 in 2014 when they plugged into government funding ...


Yemen Civil War

Clashes in southern Yemen; rebels leader’s brother killed

Fighting between Yemeni government forces and southern separatists entered the third day Friday, leaving more than 20 killed, including five civilians, officials said. ...


ME Air Traffic

Airspace Congestion in Middle East Poses Major Costs

According to Albakri, flight delays attributable to ATC issues in the region average 29 minutes. He said without urgent action that number could double by 2025, ...



Recently publicized ties between Iran and the Taliban could affect U.S.-Taliban talks

In late 2018, as it became clear that the United States was contemplating a withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Iranian military announced that it was taking ...



French-run rescue ship picks up 80 migrants off Libya

A ship operated by the humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders has rescued 80 migrants from a rubber dinghy off Libya. Doctors Without Borders said on Twitter ...


Bronze Age Site

A drought has helped archaeologists uncover a 3,500-year-old palace

The archaeological excavations were only possible due to a prolonged drought in Iraq, which saw the sinking water levels of the Mosul reservoir give way ...


Pakistani Doctors

Pakistan doctors face deportation from Gulf

The Saudi Ministry of Health claimed that Pakistan’s degree lacked structured training programmes, which is a mandatory requirement to hire medics for important positions. ...


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