Almarai Company Solar Project Set to be Kingdom’s Largest, For Now

Saudi Arabia food and beverage conglomerate Almarai has completed a solar project which is being billed as Saudi Arabia’s largest to date, according to a report.

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Women in Saudi

Disbelief, Joy and Resistance as Saudi Women Get First Passports

Still, waiting in a government office in Riyadh to apply for a passport, a 34-year-old woman smiled as she talked about being able to travel ...



OPEC’s market share sinks – and no sign of wavering on supply cuts

OPEC’s share of the global oil market has sunk to 30%, the lowest in years, as a result of supply restraint and involuntary losses in ...


Houthi Drone Strikes

Houthis target Saudi Khamis Mushayt in repeat attack

It was the latest in a spate of drone attacks claimed by the Houthi militia in recent weeks, including 10 drones that hit the Saudi ...



Cracks in Saudi Arabia’s alliance with the UAE are bad news for Trump

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates remain united in opposing Iranian expansionism: both support sweeping US sanctions against Tehran and their militaries co-ordinate ...


Social Media

The world’s most dedicated YouTube viewers are in Saudi Arabia

When it comes to dedicated YouTube fans, Saudi Arabia dominates. The Gulf country is the biggest user of the video-sharing platform per capita globally. The ...



Saudi Arabia launches $826m water projects

Projects include setting up a pipeline for carrying desalinated water from the desalination plant in Al-Shuaibah to Makkah and the holy sites at a total ...



Analysis: Who is spearheading digitisation in Saudi Arabia?

For the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, digitisation is the key to fully realising its National Transformation Plan 2020 and Vision 2030. Both roadmaps lay great ...



First in Saudi Arabia: Spokeswoman for Ministry of education

Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh has issued an order appointing Ibtisam Al-Shehri as the spokesperson for public education in Saudi Arabia. Al-Shehri, who has ...


Crypto Fakes

Fraud alert over cryptocurrency falsely linked to Saudi Arabia

Fraudsters are trying to lure victims into investing in a “virtual currency” with false claims that it is linked to the Saudi riyal and will ...



Saudi’s Nana Direct closes $6.6 million Series A for its online grocery platform

Nana Direct, a Riyadh-based online grocery platform has closed it’s Series A with $6.6 million, the startup announced in a statement earlier this week. The ...


Back to School

Tatweer opens registration for new academic year in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Education’s school transport service provider asked families to register their children for the upcoming academic year via their website’s Noor system. ...


Ministry of Culture

Saudi Arabia Has Announced Two New Academies for Art and Music

Out of the two new academies, one will specialize in heritage and traditional arts, while the other is dedicated to music. Applicants can register for the ...



Saudi female bowlers off to Las Vegas tournament

The Saudi women’s bowling team left on Wednesday to participate in the sixth World Bowling Women’s Championship, a first in the history of Saudi bowling. ...


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Taliban Talks

Afghanistan Talks Resuming at Crucial Stage

The negotiations between Taliban officials and a U.S. negotiating team led by the envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, on the withdrawal of U.S. and other foreign forces from ...


Gulf Shipping

Australia joins US-led mission to protect Persian Gulf shipping

The “modest, meaningful and time-limited” contribution was in Australia’s national and economic interests, he said. At least 15 percent of crude oil and up to ...


Yemen Civil War

Yemeni government says will not talk to separatists until standoff ends

Yemen’s Saudi-backed government said on Wednesday it would not hold talks with southern separatists unless they hand back control of Aden port, after the separatist ...



What ‘Victory’ Looks Like: A Journey Through Shattered Syria

Visiting five government-held cities and villages over eight days in June, we found ruin and generosity, people grieving and people getting through the day. Suffering ...


Iran in the Region

Iran-backed militias blame US for attacks on bases in Iraq

The rare and combative statement by the state-sanctioned militias known collectively as the Popular Mobilization Forces, or PMF, came in the wake of at least ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

Trump calls on other nations to take up fight against ISIS

Trump singled out Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey as countries that should do more to combat the Islamic State. ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

Trump Threatens to ‘Release’ ISIS Fighters into France, Germany

Publicly elevating an issue that has bedeviled senior officials at the Pentagon and the State Department for months, Trump said he would order the transport ...



Perspective: How climate change threatens Egypt’s future

Long-time observers of the Egyptian economy are familiar with the quartet of indicators associated with the North African country’s health: Tourism receipts, Suez Canal earnings, ...



Trump, frustrated by unpopularity with Jews, thrusts Israel into his culture war

He set about executing a pro-Israel checklist: Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the Golan Heights as part of sovereign Israel and taking a ...



Israel eases rules on cyber weapons exports despite criticism

Israel is easing export rules on offensive cyber weapons, despite accusations by human rights and privacy groups that its technologies are used by some governments ...


Rohingya Crisis

Empty buses in Bangladesh as no Rohingya turn up for repatriation

The Rohingya are not recognised as an official minority by the Myanmar government, despite many families having lived in Rakhine for generations. They have been denied ...


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