Saudi Arabia’s Financial Sector Development Program Sees ‘Fair Level of Progress’, Report Says

A recently-released report from Jadwa Investment finds "a fair level of progress on most areas" in the Kingdom's important Financial Sector Development program (FSDP), encouraging news for the diversification of Saudi Arabia's economy and modernization of its financial sector.

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Khurais Damage

Oil drone attack damage revealed at Saudi Aramco Khurais oil facility

The tour of the Khurais site revealed melted pipes and burnt areas which are now busy being repaired. Officials claim 30% of the facility was ...


Global Oil Markets

Saudi attacks roil physical crude market more than paper futures

These may not seem like massive differences, but the fact that physical crude prices rose by more than futures indicates a level of concern among ...


Aramco Trading Company

Aramco Trades Crude Normally Without Buying Oil From Iraq

Saudi Arabia’s state energy producer is trading crude produced outside the country as normal and is not currently seeking to buy additional barrels from Iraq’s ...


Saudi Oil Policy

Saudi Crude: Pushed from US, Pulled to Asia

Saudi crude oil exports to East Asia so far this year have increased by 467,000 barrels per day versus 2018, accounting for over 20 percent ...



Pentagon, Pompeo Diverge on Saudi-Oil Attacks

Asked to explain the discrepancy between the Pentagon’s assessment and the State Department’s, Hoffman repeated that he didn’t want to “get ahead” of the Saudi investigation. ...


U.S. Gulf Policy

Perspective: Attack on Saudi Oil Facilities Tests U.S. Guarantee to Defend Gulf

The oil-rich monarchies of the Persian Gulf have relied for decades on the promise of protection by the United States military, a commitment sealed by ...


King/Young Statement

Commentary: Public actions, not private assurances, will help repair US-Saudi relations

Conversations with Saudi leaders and our experienced American diplomatic corps, military officials, and security officials provided reasons to believe that many of the most pressing ...



Saudi Arabia Issues New Royal Order Barring Government Use of Foreign Consultants

It does not appear to distinguish between Saudi-owned companies and Saudi offices or subsidiaries of foreign-owned companies. Under Saudi law, any company that is legally ...


Travel Warning

US citizens warned over traveling to Saudi Arabia

The U.S. State Department called on American citizens to “exercise increased caution” while traveling to Saudi Arabia, a travel advisory posted on its website said ...


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Global Oil Markets

Oil Prices and the Attack on Saudi Oil Infrastructure

It is a testament of the state of the current market mindset that one of the largest disruptions ever, which has temporarily wiped out more ...


Iran in the Region

Zooming out on region’s conflict with Iran

Geographically, the battle lines now stretch from the Strait of Gibraltar, in the west, through Israel and Syria, to Yemen, Iran, and the Persian Gulf ...



Saudi attacks rattle shippers’ plan to switch fuels

The new rules, aimed at reducing air pollution in seagoing vessels, will require ships globally to use fuels with a sulphur content below 0.5%, down ...



Dueling U.N. resolutions on Syria both fail, leaving millions at risk

Dueling U.N. resolutions calling for a cease-fire in the Idlib region of Syria were both defeated Thursday, leaving millions at risk amid a brutal government ...


Israel Election

Israel’s Arab Voters Helped Deal Netanyahu an Electoral Setback

A surge in Arab voter turnout was a major factor in dealing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an electoral setback, setting up a potentially historic ...



Hundreds of workers in Qatar unpaid as reforms stall, Amnesty says

Hundreds of migrant workers in Qatar have gone without pay and many were forced to return to their home countries without compensation, despite recent reforms ...


Iran in the Region

Opinion: Trump Needs to Restore Deterrence Against Iran

The attack, which temporarily knocked out more than 50% of Saudi oil output, demonstrated that Iran has concluded that momentum is on its side, and ...


Twitter Suspensions

Twitter discloses another 10,000 accounts suspended for fomenting political discord globally

The accounts noted today follow the same fault lines of unrest that you will find in the news at the moment: they include more than ...



Tunisia’s ousted president Ben Ali dies in Saudi exile

Ben Ali fled Tunisia in January 2011 as his compatriots - many of them angered after a vegetable seller set himself on fire a few ...


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