Saudis Pay Tribute to Famous Bodyguard to Kings Killed in Dispute with Friend in Jeddah

Maj Gen Abdulaziz al-Fagham
Saudi citizens took to social media to pay tribute to Maj. Gen. Abdulaziz Al-Fagham, the bodyguard to both the late King Abdullah and King Salman who was killed in argument with a friend in Jeddah, Saudi state media said.

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Saudi Foreign Policy

Saudi crown prince warns of escalation with Iran, prefers political solution

In an interview conducted on Tuesday in Saudi Arabia, he said he agreed with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the attacks, which knocked ...


60 Minutes

Saudi crown prince takes ‘full responsibility’ for Jamal Khashoggi murder

"When a crime is committed against a Saudi citizen by officials working for the Saudi government, as a leader I must take responsibility. This was ...



Saudi Crown Prince Says Iran War Would Bring Down Global Economy

“Oil prices will jump to unimaginably high numbers that we haven’t seen in our lifetimes,” he said of any war. Still, the world needed to ...


Credit Rating

S&P affirms Saudi Arabia’s rating on faster attack recovery and economic momentum

S&P affirmed its "A-/A-2' long- and short-term sovereign credit ratings saying it expects Saudi Arabia's oil production to "rebound quickly following the September 14 attacks ...


Islamic Bonds

Saudi Arabia Weighs Selling Dollar Sukuk as Soon as October

“The sentiment toward Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Saudi credit has turned positive very quickly after the attacks. It shows investors don’t expect a material ...



How To Fill Out Saudi Arabia E-Visa Application

Now that this functionality is live, I’ve gone through the process of applying for an e-visa. While I don’t have any immediate plans to visit ...



Poll: Most Americans support sending troops, missile defenses to Saudi Arabia

“The public does not want to take direct military action against Iran unless they attack American interests, but they fully support sending more troops and ...


Saudi Industrial Development Fund

Saudi Arabia Starts Offering Loans to Develop Renewable Energy

Created in the 1970s, the fund is being revamped to take on a bigger role under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s plan for life after ...



Saudi Arabia looking to invest $100b in India

The envoy said investing in India’s value chain from oil supply, marketing, refining to petrochemicals and lubricants is a key part of Aramco’s global downstream ...


Haramain High Speed Railway

Fire at Saudi high-speed train station injures at least five

The 450-km (280-mile) Haramain Railway linking the two holiest cities in Islam, Mecca and Medina, with the Red Sea city of Jeddah, was opened in ...


King's Bodyguard

Bodyguard to Saudi king reportedly shot dead by friend

There were tributes on social media for Maj Gen Abdulaziz al-Fagham, with many including images of the bodyguard at work. One picture showed him bending ...


Quality of Life Program 2020

Contest launched to finance Saudi films with prizes up to SR40 million

Filmmakers from screenwriters to producers wishing to participate in the competition can apply online through the link for a period of three months, from ...


Vision 2030

Saudi Arabia’s Digitalization Drive

The digitization journey has still major challenges such as digital identity and e-government services. Empowering the citizens with a full digital identity is a required ...


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Global Oil Markets

Banks See Oil Prices Staying Low Despite Attacks On Saudi Oil

Concerns about faltering global oil demand and expectations of rising U.S. crude oil exports trump fears of supply shortage after the attacks on Saudi oil ...



Iraqi PM says Israel is responsible for attacks on Iraqi militias: Al Jazeera

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has accused Israel of being behind attacks on Iranian-backed militia positions in Iraq, the first time Baghdad has directly ...



Syria demands withdrawal of all American, Turkish forces

Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem’s remarks to the United Nations General Assembly were made as Turkey and the United States press ahead with a deal to ...



Analysis: The war in Yemen is a homegrown affair

Instead, the latest war is a continuation of the six domestic conflicts fought between the Houthis and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime between 2004-2010. ...


Combined Air and Space Operations Center

Amid tension with Iran, U.S. Air Force shifts Middle East command center from Qatar to South Carolina

The unannounced operation, which The Washington Post was invited to observe, was the first time U.S. command and control had been moved out of the region since ...


War in Yemen

Houthi rebels video fails to prove Saudi troop capture claim

But the video broadcast on Sunday instead shows what appear to be rebels firing at vehicles on a road. This is followed by footage of several ...



Iraq’s removal of counterterrorism chief sparks controversy

The decision sparked speculation that some among Iraq’s Iran-backed politicians were uneasy with the commander’s growing popularity among Iraqis. The Arab state finds itself increasingly ...



UN says night vision devices are being supplied to the Taliban in increasing numbers

“The type and origin of such equipment varies and suggests that a number of commercial and military stock items are being supplied in increasing numbers,” ...



Somalia: Jihadists attack US Baledogle training base

The base, about 100km (60 miles) west of the capital Mogadishu, is said to house US special forces, Somali special forces and Ugandan peacekeepers. It ...


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