Travelers Arrive in Saudi Arabia on Newly-Issued Tourist Visas

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VAT Increases Saudi Arabia’s Tax revenue By Over 89%

Non-oil revenue initiatives led to higher tax revenue estimates ($44.2 billion) in 2018, increasing by 89.4% compared to 2017, as stated by the Saudi MoF. ...


Saudi Economy

Saudi Arabia’s non-oil economy expands at fastest pace since 2015

The kingdom’s non-oil gross domestic product grew 2.9 per cent year-on-year, higher than 2.1 per cent rate of expansion achieved in the first quarter of ...


Housing and Real Estate

Saudi Mortgage Loans Triple in August

Mortgage loans provided by banks and financial institutions have tripled in August, official data showed on Monday. These loans were given to cover up to 12,000 ...



Saudi says Iran’s remark on messages to its president ‘not accurate’

Iran’s statement that Saudi Arabia sent messages to its president through other countries was “not accurate”, Adel al-Jubeir, the kingdom’s minister of state for foreign ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

US commander discussed Iranian threats with Saudi counterpart

The U.S. has blamed Iran for a Sept. 14 drone attack on two Saudi oil facilities, with Tehran denying responsibility. Iran-backed Houthi rebels based in ...



Saudi Women Are Breaking Free From the Black Abaya

Saudi women have worn the abaya since before the kingdom was unified in 1932, a tradition imported from Turkey during the reign of the Ottoman ...


Tourism and Hospitality

Saudi Arabia starts receiving tourists on eVisas

Saudi Arabia's Department of Passports said it has started to receive tourists holding eVisas, reported state news agency SPA on Sunday. The e-tourism visas are for ...



Welcoming tourists to Saudi Arabia is a benefit for all

Saudi Arabia is building strong bridges of communication with other countries and cultures throughout the world, by means of economic, social and cultural cooperation. The Saudi ...


Princess Reema Bint Bandar

In first, Saudi envoy in Washington sends Rosh Hashanah greeting to US Jews

Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Washington sent out Rosh Hashanah greetings to US Jews wishing them a happy and sweet Jewish new year, NBC News reported ...



Saudi Arabia’s high-speed Haramain train service to resume within 30 days

The fire-stricken Haramain high-speed train network, which services the Muslim holy sites of Saudi Arabia, will resume operations within 30 days, the state-run Saudi Press ...



Saudi Arabia to invite proposals for water reservoir project

SWPC is currently holding a two-day workshop in London with potential investors in its planned Independent Strategic Water Reservoir (ISWR) programme. According to a source ...


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Global Oil Markets

Brent Oil Falls Below $60 After Saudis Restore Production

Despite the worst attack on its infrastructure in the oil giant's 80-year-plus history, Saudi state-owned oil giant Aramco has succeeded in making all of its shipments ...


Cyber Operations

Analysis: Would the U.S. use cyberattacks against Iran?

As other scholars have noted, the best deterrence signals are ones that are costly, visible and credible. Here’s why cyber-operations often fail this test: They ...


Global Risks

Fasten Your Seatbelts: The Global Risks of Most Concern to Business Leaders

The top-ranked risks and key risers — at national, regional and global levels — suggest that the specter of a major economic slowdown is high ...


Russia in the Region

Vladimir Putin condemns Saudi oil attacks but defends Iran

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the attacks on Saudi Arabian oil infrastructure last month but defended Iran, saying there is no proof the country had ...


Oil Markets

Are Russia and Saudi Arabia Still Pumping Too Much Oil?

This year, the oil market has faced some of the worst supply disruptions in recent times and yet prices remain stuck in the $60s. OPEC’s oil ...



Challenges to the Energy Transition in the Gulf Countries

The energy world is entering an era of disruption, where traditional methods of extracting, using, and trading energy are changing rapidly and where old rules ...



Don’t Abandon Lebanon to Hezbollah and Iran

Lebanon is transfixed by reports that Prime Minister Saad Hariri gave $16 million to a South African model with whom he was romantically linked. The ...



Israeli Gas Shares Soar After Egypt Planned Supply Boost

Israeli energy stocks surged after companies developing the country’s largest natural gas fields agreed to increase supply to their Egyptian customer as part of a ...



Taliban, U.S. negotiator both in Islamabad for talks with Pakistan

Afghan Taliban officials were due in Pakistan on Wednesday, the insurgent group said, even as the top U.S. diplomat involved in talks with the militants ...



How Iran’s President Left Trump Hanging, and Macron in the Hall

For the members of Iran’s hierarchy, which has largely defined itself by hostility to the United States government since the 1979 Islamic revolution, any hint ...


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