Russia’s Putin Arrives in Saudi Arabia to Discuss Oil Market Stability, Regional Tensions

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is in Saudi Arabia to visit with top Saudi leaders, his first trip to the Kingdom in over a decade.

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F-15s, air defense systems and thousands of U.S. troops heading to Saudi Arabia

The force increase comes as the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln is nearing the end of its deployment in the region. Should that deployment not be ...



Saudi visit shows Putin’s deepening Middle East influence

President Vladimir Putin signaled Moscow’s growing Middle East clout on Monday by visiting Saudi Arabia for the first time in over a decade, buoyed by ...


Oil Facility Attacks

Aramco Showcases Oil-Attack Recovery Though Damage Remains

A visit to the Khurais oil field on Saturday revealed gleaming stabilization towers, four of which were hit in the strike by missiles and drones ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Prospect of World’s Biggest IPO Energizes Saudi Investors

Nawaf Abdel-Aziz has never put any money into the stock market before, but he says buying shares in the world’s most profitable company is a ...



Saudi prince: We really don’t know where the US is on Syria

Al-Faisal noted his concern at the American troop withdrawal, telling CNBC that for U.S. forces “to all of a sudden, fold up their tents and ...


Yemen Civil War

Saudis take control of Yemen’s Aden to end stand-off between allies

Saudi Arabia has in the past week deployed more forces to replace Emirati troops at Aden airport and military bases in the city, two Yemeni ...


Saudi Economy

IEA: ‘Business as Usual’ for Oil after Saudi Attacks

“Prices fell back as it became clear that the damage, although serious, would not cause long-lasting disruption to markets.” ...



BTS Shines: Here’s how Saudi Arabia’s first ‘foreign solo concert’ played out

Over 60,000 attendees. Bright fireworks. A harmonious sing-along to K-Pop hits. BTS, the famous South Korean boy band, became the first foreign artists to play ...



Saudi Arabia opens tourist visas to U.S., European visa holders

Tourist visas for Saudi Arabia are now available online and on arrival to holidaymakers who already hold a visa from the United States, Britain or ...


G20 - Riyadh

Saudi Arabia and G20: A diplomatic tool to enhance socio-economic collaboration

While it is an opportunity for Saudi Arabia to present Vision 2030, the G20 forum will also be a door-opener for international economies to consider investment ...



Saudi Arabia says it received distress message from damaged Iranian tanker: SPA

Saudi Arabia said it received a distress message on Friday from a damaged Iranian tanker in the Red Sea but the vessel kept moving and ...


Al Khomra Logistics Zone

Saudi Arabia’s largest logistics zone, 200ha Al Khomra, unveiled

Commenting on the launch of the logistics zone, Al-Khalb said: “The integrated logistics area is close to international trade routes, and is strategically located in ...


Saudi Women

‘My goal is to race at the top levels of motorsport’: Reema Juffali, Saudi Arabia’s first female professional racing driver, is creating a real buzz

“I wouldn’t say I’m nervous,” Juffali, who now lives between London and Jeddah, says about the the season closer. “I’m excited.” ...


Joy Forum19

Global stars shine at Saudi leisure forum

“Our message is for both, locally and internationally. Me and my generation suffered a lot, we had lots of time on our hands,” GEA chairman ...



Saudi exhibition generates 800,000 USD in falcon sales

A falcon exhibition being held in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh has generated more than 800,000 U.S. dollars in revenues by selling falcons, the ...


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U.S. “preparing to evacuate” all remaining troops from northern Syria, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says on “Face the Nation”

The U.S. is "preparing to evacuate" about 1,000 U.S. troops from northern Syria "as safely and quickly as possible," Defense Secretary Mark Esper told "Face ...


Syrian Democratic Forces

Syria: Kurdish forces facing Turkish onslaught strike deal with Assad, in major shift

The agreement between Damascus and the Kurds comes as US President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of all remaining American forces out of northern Syria. ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

US leaves behind dozens of high-value ISIS detainees as Turkey rolls through Syria

Five days into Turkish military operations, those realities are coming to life as reports stream in that hundreds of ISIS prisoners held up in Syrian ...



Furious Republicans prepare to rebuke Trump on Syria

GOP lawmakers, furious over Trump’s decision to withdraw troops to make way for a Turkish offensive against Kurdish allies, are preparing legislation that would force ...



Pakistan on Mission to Enable Iran Talks With U.S., Saudi Arabia

During a visit to Iran on Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he was acting “not as a mediator but as a facilitator” for talks ...



Iran’s Expanded Missile Arsenal Presents Challenge for U.S., Saudi Arabia

Iran’s missile arsenal is now a cornerstone of its defense strategy. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, responsible for defending Iran from foreign enemies, operates most ...



UK, China Experts In Iran To Redesign, ‘Upgrade’ Arak Reactor

British and Chinese nuclear delegations are visiting Iran to discuss the redesigning and upgrading of the country's heavy water reactor in Arak, Central Province, semi-official ...



Perspective: Gulf Arab States Should Seize Opportunity Presented by Iraqi Protests

But there was also a clear undercurrent of anger against pro-Iranian forces that tend to dominate much of political, social, and religious life of Iraqi ...



Lebanon faces social chaos amid economic deterioration

"The current economic situation will worsen and lead to turmoil. People will take to the streets and protests will grow," Sami Nader, director of Levant ...



US strikes culled ISIS-Libya encampments, unlikely to return to pre-2016 levels, defense official says

A series of four airstrikes in recent weeks against Libya’s Islamic State franchise killed roughly one-third of the militant group’s personnel, giving much needed breathing ...



First Afghanistan province declared mine-free – thanks to an all-female team who cleared them

During the past four decades of war, the Mine Action Programme of Afghanistan has cleared more than 18 million explosive remnants of war, about 737,000 anti-personnel ...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

RDIF’s Dmitriev: Saudi Arabia a precedent for fixing US-Russia relations

The head of Russia’s $10 billion state investment vehicle is optimistic about repairing relations with Washington, he told CNBC on Sunday, pointing to Moscow’s growing ...


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