Saudi Arabia Names Prince Faisal bin Farhan as New Foreign Minister

Saudi Arabia appointed Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud as the Kingdom's new foreign minister as part of a larger reshuffling of the cabinet.

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World Bank Doing Business 2020 Report

Doing Business 2020: Saudi Arabia Accelerated Business Climate Reforms, Joins Ranks of 10 Most Improved

Saudi Arabia carried out a record number of business reforms in the past year, earning the country a spot in this year’s top 10 global ...


Foreign Policy

Young Saudi prince with Western experience named foreign minister

Saudi Arabia appointed a prince with diplomatic experience in Western capitals as foreign minister on Wednesday in a partial cabinet reshuffle as the kingdom tries ...


Bankruptcy Law

Saudi Arabia’s new bankruptcy law faces key test in the courts

The merit of Saudi Arabia’s new bankruptcy law, part of efforts to help the kingdom attract investors, should become clearer in about a year after ...


FII 2019

Wall Street Heads to Saudi Arabia for Deals, Shrugging Off Risk

For the second straight year, the risks of doing business in Saudi Arabia are pushing their way onto the agenda of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed ...



Saudi minister says maximum pressure only way to get Iran to negotiate

A senior Saudi official said on Thursday that a policy of appeasement would not work with Iran and that the only way to get Tehran ...


'Saudi Women’s Driving School'

‘Saudi Women’s Driving School’: behind an inspiring, frustrating documentary

Last year, Saudi Arabia lifted its ban on female drivers. A new film follows several women as they take to the road – with surprising ...



F-22 Raptors deployed to Saudi Arabia air base shown in Air Force video

U.S. military plans to send an F-22 squadron to Saudi Arabia were reported in July, and on Tuesday, Defense Secretary Mark Esper met with F-22 ...



Mysterious Flight From Israel to Saudi Arabia Has Media Guessing

A private jet took off from Ben-Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening, landed for a few minutes in Amman, then proceeded to ...


Foreign Labor

Close to 134,000 expats left private sector in Saudi Arabia during Q2

The number of expats leaving the private sector in Saudi Arabia during the second quarter of the year reached almost 134,000, with an average of ...



Japanese keen to invest in Saudi entertainment, tourism sectors

There is a genuine interest among Japanese companies to invest in Saudi Arabia’s rapidly growing entertainment and tourism industries, with some planning to set up ...


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Trump Foreign Policy

Trump declares victory in northeastern Syria as Russian troops move in

Trump, who announced the withdrawal of all U.S. troops in Syria two weeks ago, confirmed that a residual American force would remain near oil fields ...



Pentagon chief rips Turkey over ‘unwarranted’ Syria invasion

Defense Secretary Mark Esper on Thursday excoriated Turkey’s “unwarranted” incursion into northern Syria, saying it placed progress made in the region against the Islamic State ...


Opinion Survey

In 6 charts, see what Americans really think about US policy toward Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan

Fewer than one-quarter of respondents, 22% (including 31% of Republicans), point to the nature of the Iranian regime as the main factor behind escalation in ...


World Bank Doing Business 2020 Report

China Tops France for Ease of Business as Emerging World Gains

The Middle East showed new strength with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and Kuwait among the top 10 gainers. That most-improved group also included India, Pakistan ...


Climate Change

How Climate Change Will Help China And Russia Wage Hybrid War

Increased refugee flows, weather threats, and declining food security will deepen tensions already being exploited to divide and weaken the U.S. and its allies. ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

U.S. does not know where ISIS escapees are, says Syria envoy

U.S. special envoy for Syria and the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, Jim Jeffrey, said Tuesday that more than 100 Islamic State prisoners have escaped ...



Facing protests, Lebanese leaders mull reshuffle: sources

With a population of 6 million people including around 1 million Syrian refugees, Lebanon has been swept by protests against politicians blamed for corruption and ...


Foreign Military Sales

Pentagon Backs Contractors to Limit Disclosing Foreign Discounts

A provision in the House version of the annual defense policy bill would require detailed reporting whenever the Defense Department exempts such foreign military sales ...


Cyber Warfare

What will be the effect of the latest US cyberattack on Iran?

A recent study from RAND, for example, argued that most cyber operations that are intended to be coercive—which is a small portion—are not generally successful. ...



Rocket Attack Wounds at Least 5 Marines in Afghanistan

At least five Marines were wounded on Tuesday during a Taliban rocket attack on a military base in southern Afghanistan, according to three defense officials. ...


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