Saudi Arabia Celebrates Major Progress, Accomplishments in latest ‘Ease of Doing Business’ Ranking

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Saudi Arabia jumped a whopping 30 places in the annual World Bank 'Ease of Doing Business' report for 2020, a survey of business efficiency in 190 countries, and was the top reforming country in the study this year.

Saudi Arabia

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Aramco IPO

Aramco Said to Explore Incentives to Reward Loyal IPO Buyers

Aramco is looking to reduce market volatility after it begins trading as well as provide a benefit to mom-and-pop buyers who expect a windfall from ...


Faisal Bin Farhan

Saudi Arabia names new foreign minister in generational shift

Prince Faisal, who was appointed as envoy to Berlin earlier this year, "has really strong ties with traditional Saudi allies, US and even a more ...


FII 2019

Saudi Arabia faces reality check as Wall Street heads to Riyadh

“Signing commercial agreements is great for PR, but what Saudi Arabia really needs is for many of its national development initiatives to move from the ...



India eyes energy deals with Saudi Arabia during Modi’s visit

“We are well on our way to transforming the buyer-seller relation in this sector to a larger strategic partnership,” said T.S. Tirumurti, a top official ...



Japan, Saudi Arabia to renew crude oil storage deal in Okinawa

Japan and Saudi Arabia have agreed in principle to renew a joint crude oil storage scheme in Okinawa when it expires in October, a move ...



Saudi Arabia Advances 13 Places in Property Registration, Contract Enforcement in World Bank Report

Saudi Arabia has advanced 13 places in property registration and contract enforcement rankings on the Doing Business Report 2020, issued by the World Bank Group. According ...


Turki Al-Faisal

Saudi Prince Tells U.S. Congress to Get Over Its Frustrations

How many congressional leaders “have deigned to pay a visit to the kingdom?” Prince Turki said at the event. “Should they visit Riyadh they may ...


'Saudi Women’s Driving School'

In HBO Documentary “Saudi Women’s Driving School,” Director Erica Gornall Explores A New Freedom In Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Women’s Driving School, her new one-hour documentary premiering on HBO tonight, director Erica Gornall explores a world she’s aware that most audiences here are unfamiliar ...



Saudi Arabia Isn’t Rushing to Bail Out Beirut. The Reason Is Iran.

This week’s bulletin from the Saudi government congratulated the new Japanese emperor, condemned a truck bombing in Afghanistan and noted discussions with Brazil over intellectual ...



Saudi’s National Commercial Bank posts 20% profit jump

The bank made a net profit of 2.55 billion riyals ($680 million) in the three months to Sept. 30, up from 2.12 billion riyals in ...


Credit Debt

Saudis’ credit card debt rises to $4.46 billion

Saudi Arabians owe SR16.72 billion ($4.46 billion) on their credit cards, a 6.96 percent increase from the first quarter of 2019 and a 19.25 percent ...



Hyperloop could add $4 billion to Saudi GDP, says new study

The hyperloop technology is expected to reduce journey times across Saudi Arabia and throughout the Gulf. The journey from Riyadh to Jeddah would be reduced from ...


IMX 19

Saudi navy to take part in large U.S.-led int’l drill – Xinhua

The drill will be held in the northern Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea, the coast of Djibouti and Gulf of Aqaba from Oct. 27. The ...


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Trump Foreign Policy

White House weighing options that would keep 500 troops in Syria: report

Military officials presented the choices Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported. The plans would also adjust U.S. goals to focus on guarding oil fields in ...



Western arms embargo has little impact on Turkey as it looks east

A number of Turkey’s NATO allies have suspended arms sales to the country in condemnation of its military incursion into Syria, but analysts and officials ...


Yemen Civil War

Saudi-Backed Yemeni Government, Separatists Sign Power-Sharing Deal

Saudi Arabia has been working for months to negotiate a deal to prevent the STC, long backed by the United Arab Emirates, from breaking away ...


U.S. Military

The US is pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, but the tonnage of airdropped supplies is spiking

Despite a drawdown of troops, the U.S.-led coalition to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria dropped more tons of supplies in 2019 than during the ...



Iraq protesters march toward Baghdad’s Green Zone, one killed

The authorities have struggled to address protesters’ grievances since sometimes violent unrest erupted in Baghad on Oct. 1, spreading to southern cities. Demonstrators blame corrupt ...



Behind Lebanon’s WhatsApp Revolt

In fact, Lebanon led the world last year in perceived government corruption, with nearly all Lebanese adults (93%) saying corruption is widespread throughout their government. ...



Lebanon’s Aoun invites protesters to talk, hints at government reshuffle

Protests fueled by worsening economic conditions have paralyzed the country and kept banks shut. Lebanon’s banking association said it would keep lenders closed on Friday ...



Israel, Jordan mark 25 years of imperfect peace

The Naharayim park was established 25 years ago as a symbol of the landmark peace agreement between Israel and Jordan. Now, as the two countries ...


Religious Tolerance

Secret synagogue in Dubai prays for Persian Gulf revival

Thriving Jewish communities in the region once stretched from the neighborhoods of Baghdad and Tehran down to the island nation of Bahrain, and from the ...



1,500-year-old church dedicated to mysterious ‘martyr’ discovered in Israel

The Byzantine church, which features a mosaic inscription to a mysterious “glorious martyr” and a unique cross-shaped baptismal font, was uncovered at Ramat Beit Shemesh ...


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