Saudi Arabia, World Economic Forum to set up ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution Center’

Saudi Arabia signed an agreement with the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Wednesday to establish a branch in the Kingdom of the WEF’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a program focused on new technologies that will power economic change in the immediate years to come.

Saudi Arabia

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Aramco IPO

Aramco Sale Gets Going on Saudi Highways and at ATMs

The ads focus on the company’s journey to the stock exchange with images of engineers in hard hats depicting industry and growth. The slogan is “Saudi ...


Aramco IPO

Saudi Arabia has an answer to Apple, JP Morgan says

“There is a sort of halo effect which I think is understated to some extent in the context of what they are trying to do ...



Saudi deficit contained in third-quarter despite 25% oil revenue drop

Saudi Arabia posted a fiscal deficit of 32.1 billion riyals ($8.56 billion) in the third quarter this year, a big jump from the 7.3 billion ...


Reema Bint Bandar

Podcast: How will Saudi Arabia’s first female ambassador mend relations with the US?

Elise Labott speaks with Madeleine Brand about recently appointed Saudi ambassador to the United States Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud. Princess Reema is deeply entrenched ...



Saudi Arabia and World Economic Forum to set up Fourth Industrial Revolution center

Saudi Arabia and the World Economic Forum agreed to set up a Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the kingdom, the fifth of its ...


Yemen Civil War

Riyadh has ‘open channel’ with Yemen rebels: Saudi official

Wednesday's confirmation comes amid the slow implementation of a landmark ceasefire deal for the key aid port of Hodeida, which was agreed between Yemen's government ...


Social Media

2 Former Twitter Employees Charged With Spying For Saudi Arabia

Two former employees of Twitter were charged with spying for Saudi Arabia by snooping into thousands of private accounts seeking personal information about critics of ...



Saudi Aramco signs China’s crude oil supply deals for 2020

Saudi Aramco said on Thursday it had signed crude sales agreements for 2020 with five Chinese customers, increasing total volume by 151,000 barrels per day ...



Saudis Back Travis Kalanick’s New Startup

CloudKitchens is a bet on the food-delivery boomlet. It buys cheap or rundown real estate, often near city centers, where it builds commissary kitchens—also known ...


Travel and Tourism

‘Now is the best time’ to go on holiday to Saudi Arabia, says top travel influencer

Now is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia, because its heritage sites are relatively untouched and it is more affordable than many alternative destinations, ...



General Dynamics is missing $1.5 billion due to a Canadian-Saudi spat

An ongoing diplomatic battle between Canada and Saudi Arabia is hitting American defense firm General Dynamics hard, to the tune of about $1.5 billion in ...



Netflix CEO defends pulling episode of Hasan Minhaj show at request of Saudi government

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings gave a full-throated defense of the company’s decision to remove an episode of the show "Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj" from ...



Saudi psychology student works to remove therapy stigma

any people are discouraged to seek therapy because of the social stigma around it. People are afraid to be perceived as mentally ill, and do ...


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Lebanon protests: How WhatsApp tax anger revealed a much deeper crisis

Already the protesters have forced Prime Minister Saad Hariri to resign. But they want more, including the complete overhaul of the country's political system and ...



Iraq’s key port closed again; 4 protesters killed in Baghdad

Four Iraqis were shot and killed on Thursday as they tried to remove barriers blocking their march in central Baghdad, while in the south, protesters ...



US official says ‘no change’ in Syria policy despite Trump’s withdrawal orders

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, a senior US official appeared to acknowledge that Mr Trump’s flurry of announcements had little impact on US policy. When ...


Turkey in the Region

Erdogan says U.S. not fulfilling Syria deal ahead of Trump talks

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday the United States was not fulfilling its pledge to remove a Kurdish militia from a Syrian border region ...


Turkey in the Region

Perspective: Turkey’s Invasion of Syria Is Likely to Fail Just Like Israel’s Occupation of Lebanon

The end result of this misadventure is well documented. Israel was forced out of Lebanon in May 2000, and Hezbollah used the victory to further ...


Oil Markets

How the Saudi Aramco IPO Will Affect Other Oil Stocks

When the world’s largest oil producer goes public, it will surely mean a new dynamic for all the players in the oil industry. Some oil ...


Energy Security

World Powers Tie Up for Naval Force to Police Mideast Oil Routes

A U.S.-led coalition created to secure sea lines vital to oil shipping in the Middle East formally launched operations in the most concerted international response ...


Yemen Civil War

Houthis Fire Missiles at Yemen’s Mokha Port, Military Coalition Says

Yemen's Houthi movement fired missiles and drones at the Red Sea port city of al-Mokha on Wednesday, causing deaths and injuries and damaging a hospital, ...



Iran Injects Gas in New Centrifuges as Atomic Deal Unravels

Iran injected uranium gas into centrifuges at its underground Fordo nuclear complex early Thursday, taking its most-significant step away from its 2015 nuclear deal with ...



Kuwait says talks with Saudi regarding Neutral Zone are continuing

Kuwait’s deputy foreign minister Khaled al-Jarallah said on Tuesday that positive consultations with Saudi Arabia regarding the Neutral Zone are continuing, and “they are looking ...


Vision Fund

SoftBank’s Son admits mistakes after Vision Fund’s $8.9 billion loss

SoftBank plunged to its first quarterly loss in 14 years on Wednesday, dragged down by an $8.9 billion hit at its giant Vision Fund, as ...


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