China’s Imports of Saudi Oil Soar 76% in October as Demand Increases

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China’s crude oil imports from Saudi Arabia rose over 75% in October as demand from new refiners was met by the Kingdom, according to Reuters data.

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Aramco IPO

Saudi Aramco Won’t Breach Maximum Weight for Firms in Saudi Index: Argaam

Saudi Aramco's weighting in Saudi Arabia's main stock index once the oil giant has listed shares is not expected to breach the maximum limit set...



Saudi Arabia Opens Its Doors To Tourists—Starting With A Huge Giga Project Around A UNESCO World Heritage Site At Diriyah

What is noticeable about Saudi Arabia’s ambitions versus other rapid development in GCC nations is that there is a very strong desire to keep cultural...



UK, Chinese visitors top list as 50,000 holiday in Saudi Arabia after restrictions ease

British tourists, followed by Chinese, were the top visitors, Ahmed Al-Khateeb, chairman of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, said in an interview...


Aramco IPO

Commentary: The Contradiction at the Heart of the Aramco IPO

Saudi officials had hoped privatization initiatives would generate up to 40 billion riyals (approximately $10.7 billion) in government proceeds and result in 35 billion riyals (around...


Gulf Security

U.S. and France vie to bolster Gulf security after Saudi oil attack

The chief of the U.S. Central Command and France’s defense minister, whose countries have taken divergent approaches to Iran, also touted rival versions of maritime...



Saudi Arabia to offer small business visas

Saudi Arabia is to allow an instant small business visa for people looking to set up new firms in the kingdom from next month. The move,...


G20 - Riyadh

Saudi G20 presidency to focus on global challenges

In the run-up to the Riyadh summit, Saudi Arabia will host over 100 multi-level meetings, according to the minister. “These meetings will be diverse in...


Arms Sales

South Africa halts arms exports to Saudi Arabia and UAE

Requiring inspections is uncommon in the international arms trade, though it is common practice to require clients to pledge not to transfer weapons to third parties...



Special report: ‘Time to take out our swords’ – Inside Iran’s plot to attack Saudi Arabia

Yet, what ultimately emerged was a plan that stopped short of direct confrontation that could trigger a devastating U.S. response. Iran opted instead to target...


U.S.-Saudi Relations

Democrats pledge sharp turn in US ties with Saudi Arabia

The U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia is set to take a sharp turn if a Democrat wins the White House in 2020. At the most recent...


Formula E

BMW driver Alexander Sims claims first win in dramatic Saudi Arabia race – CNN

In an incident-packed race, with crashes aplenty, the British driver finished 1.383 seconds ahead of BMW teammate Maximilian Günther in second, while Lucas di Grassi...


Electricity Demand

Electricity Demand Growth in Saudi Arabia: Cyclical Stagnation or Structural Adaptation?

Electricity demand has stagnated in the last three years. It is not yet clear whether this is due to short-term cyclical or long-term structural changes...



An auto show for Saudis, run by a Bostonian

The lineup sounds less like a convention for automobile enthusiasts than a sort of high-octane motorized Disneyworld. Stars of the auto world — including race...


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Anti-ISIS Campaign

U.S. Resumes Operations Against ISIS in Northern Syria

On Friday, American soldiers and hundreds of Syrian Kurdish fighters — the same local allies the Trump administration abandoned to fend for themselves against the...


Regional Security

Despite U.S. Military Buildup, Top U.S. General in Middle East Sees Increased Threat of Iran Attack

Since May, the Pentagon has dispatched 14,000 additional U.S. troops, an aircraft carrier, and tens of thousands of pounds of military equipment to the Middle...


Trump Foreign Policy

Pence makes surprise Iraq trip to reassure Kurds, greet troops

The visit was meant to reassure the U.S. allies in the fight against the Islamic State group after the U.S. pulled troops from northern Syria,...


Yemen Civil War

Saudi-led coalition carries out air strikes along Yemen’s Red Sea coast

A Saudi-led military coalition carried out air strikes near Yemen’s Red Sea port of Ras Isa on Monday, residents said, in a rare operation since...



Key Beirut road reopens after rival groups clash overnight

The confrontations began Sunday evening after supporters of the country’s two main Shiite political parties, the militant Hezbollah and the Amal Movement of Parliament Speaker...


Opinion Survey

Study of American Attitudes toward Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan

While gaps between Republicans and Democrats remain in public opinion on U.S. foreign policy toward Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan, a series of two surveys conducted...


Climate Change

Big Oil Differs on Climate Change Strategy

In the transformation to a lower carbon future, two of the world’s largest oil and gas companies—Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell—are articulating distinctive visions...



American military loses drone over Libyan capital

The U.S. military said Friday it lost an unmanned drone aircraft over the Libyan capital, Tripoli, where rival armed groups have been fighting for control...



Tunisia’s New Government Faces Daunting Challenges

Nearly eight in 10 Tunisians say corruption is widespread in the country's government, which is consistent with the elevated scores since 2017. The 2017 reading...


Arab League

Arab League to meet over US support for Israeli settlements

Last week's announcement by Mr Pompeo abandoned the position that settlements in Israeli-occupied territory were "inconsistent with international law", reversing a stand taken under President...


Turkey in the Region

Turkey’s Erdogan meets Qatar’s emir to discuss regional issues

According to data from the state-run Turkish Statistical Institute, Turkey's exports to Qatar reached $1.1bn in 2018, an increase of 69 percent compared with $650m...


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