Secretary of State Tillerson Calls Saudi King Salman, Applauds Saudi Role in Regional Stability

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Saudi Arabia's King Salman by phone yesterday, and commended the Kingdom on its role in "promoting stability across the region," the SPA reported.

Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is taking on the burden of OPEC’s oil cuts

OPEC members appear to be complying with agreed production cuts, but Saudi Arabia is overcompensating for some of its fellow oil producers. ...


Tillerson Phone Call

Saudi King Salman receives phone call from US secretary of state

King Salman began the conversation by congratulating Tillerson who in turn applauded Saudi Arabia’s efforts in promoting stability across the region, a statement on Saudi ...



Commentary: Saudi’s New Direction Towards an Open Global Islamic Authority

At the forefront of this effort appears to be the current Secretary General of the Muslim World League and a member of the Saudi Council ...


Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco says an increase in onshore gas likely

State oil giant Saudi Aramco is not expected to reduce its drilling rig count this year and could increase the number marginally as it focuses ...


No Six Flags

Saudi sovereign fund says it’s not considering stake in Six Flags

The Public Investment Fund (PIF), Saudi Arabia's top sovereign wealth fund, said it is not considering the acquisition of a stake in North American amusement ...



Saudi Binladin said to get $2.7bn extension for Makkah mosque

Creditors have agreed in principle to Saudi Binladin Group’s (SBG) request for a two-year extension on a 10 billion riyal ($2.7 billion) Islamic credit facility ...


McKinsey & Company

McKinsey to acquire Saudi Arabian consultancy

Elixir will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of McKinsey and its two co-founders will continue to lead the company. Elixir’s 140 employees will remain based ...


No Maha

Qatar Airways Ditches Plans For New Saudi Airline

Even as Al Maha struggled to get off the ground, the country’s national carrier Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) announced in April that it was setting ...


Kingdom Holding Stock Swap

Walt Disney seeks control of troubled offspring Euro Disney

Walt Disney Co (DIS.N) is to seek full control of Euro Disney (EDLP.PA) after raising its stake in the underperforming operator of Disneyland Paris through ...


War in Yemen

Saudi-led strikes on Yemen port, fears for civilians: U.N.

lians: U.N. The Saudi-led coalition has intensified air strikes on the Yemen port of Hodeidah, potentially trapping civilians and endangering a humanitarian operation to import vital ...


Road Safety

Dozens of cars skid out of control on SAME road in Riyadh

The footage shows at least two vehicles crashing into the central reservation, while one car is seen swerving all over the road as the driver ...



3 Bangladesh-based banks get nod to open branches in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government recently agreed to allow Bangladeshi banks to open branches there ...


Anti-Corruption Commission

Saudi Anti-Corruption Commission asked to create database on cases

A Shoura Council member called on the National Anti-Corruption Commission (Nazaha) to create a database on cases of corruption in the Kingdom. ...



Boris Johnson urged UK to continue Saudi arms sales after funeral bombing

“The issue is extremely finely balanced, but I judge at present the Saudis appear committed both to improving processes and to taking action to address ...


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Trump Travel Ban

Federal appeals court rules 3 to 0 against Trump on travel ban

A federal appeals panel has maintained the freeze on President Trump’s controversial immigration order, meaning previously barred refugees and citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries can ...


Tillerson and EU

EU top diplomat discusses Russia, Iran nuclear deal with Tillerson

In their first meeting, the European Union's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke "at length" about terrorism, Russia, ...



U.S. General Wants More Troops, More Time, in Afghanistan

Fifteen years into America’s longest and costliest war, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said Tuesday that he needs more troops and more time to ...


U.S. World Standing

Americans See US World Standing as Worst in a Decade

Americans believe the world at large sees the U.S. more unfavorably (57%) than favorably (42%), their worst assessment of the country's image in 10 years. ...


Occupied West Bank

Trump urges Israel to ‘act reasonably’ on settlements

US President Donald Trump has told an Israeli paper that settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank is not "good for peace" with the Palestinians. ...



Hundreds of thousands rally in Iran against Trump, chant ‘Death to America’ – TV

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians rallied on Friday to swear allegiance to the clerical establishment following U.S. President Donald Trump's warning that he had put ...


Yemen Raid

Bipartisan Senate group demands briefing on Yemen Raid

A bipartisan group of senators is demanding a briefing on the controversial raid in Yemen that left one Navy SEAL dead. ...


Intelligence Cooperation

US Allies Worry About Joint Intel Operations Under President Trump

Some U.S. allies are increasingly uneasy about the future of joint intelligence endeavors with Washington as they try to figure out just how much President ...



Perspective: Is the United Arab Emirates America’s Best Friend in Middle East?

With its reliable military and relatively secular attitude, Washington sees the small country as an increasingly attractive partner in an increasingly complicated region. ...


Dead Sea Scrolls

Scientists just found signs of a stolen Dead Sea Scroll

Nearly 1,000 Dead Sea Scrolls—the oldest known biblical manuscripts—were found scattered throughout 11 caves in the Judaean Desert between 1946 and 1956. Now scientists think ...



Assad rejects safe zones in Syria: Yahoo News interview

President Bashar al-Assad rejected the creation of safe zones for refugees and displaced people in Syria, an idea supported by U.S. President Donald Trump, according ...


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