Stability in Oil Price Attributable to Coordinated Action by OPEC, But Will U.S. Shale Spoil the Party?

With Brent oil hovering around $55 for the past two months, actions by OPEC and non-OPEC members to keep 900,000 barrels per day off the market have had a stabilizing effect on prices. But will U.S. shale producers respond with strong production?

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OPEC Agreement

Can Saudi Arabia Carry OPEC Through Spring?

All in all, out of the 21 oil-producing nations that had promised to reduce output in order to bring markets back to balance and prop ...


Riyadh Metro

Riyadh Metro to be operational by 2019

The Riyadh metro project is on schedule to be fully-operational by 2019, officials from the High Commission for the Development of Arriyadh announced at a ...


Housing and Real Estate

Saudi to handover 120,000 homes to citizens in 2017

Saudi Arabia has launched a housing programme designed to handover up to 120,000 units to citizens this year. The Sakani programme is part of efforts to ...


Middle East Conflict

Saudi foreign minister optimistic about overcoming Mideast challenges

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said on Thursday he was optimistic about overcoming "the many challenges" in the Middle East and looked forward to working ...


Saudi Aramco IPO

Here’s How UBS Wealth Sees the Aramco IPO Changing Middle East Markets

Below is a Q&A with Bolliger about the implications of Aramco’s share sale, which is estimated to raise as much as $100 billion, assuming 5 ...


War in Yemen

Yemen rebels fire missile at airport in southern Saudi Arabia

Houthi rebels in Yemen said they fired a missile at airport in southern Saudi Arabia on Wednesday night in retaliation for air strikes near the ...


Renewable Energy Investing

With A $5 Billion War Chest, Which Renewable Energy Firms Will Saudi Aramco Invest In?

While the banks are not expected to be recommending Saudi Aramco to buy ETFs, the holdings in the above-listed ETFs would be a good place ...



Perspective: Yes, Saudi Arabia is for Saudis

I would like to tell those expats that it is not racism. They should know that it was just a hashtag raised by a group ...


Comic Con Jeddah

Not Everyone Is Geeking Out Over Saudi Arabia’s First Comic Con

The convention’s website prohibits cosplayers from displaying any indecent symbols or logos that may be deemed contrary to Islam or public morality. ...


Weather in Saudi Arabia

Cold wave expected in Saudi Arabia through Friday

Heavy rainfall and low temperatures are expected to continue through Friday before easing into light drizzle in Asir and the Eastern Province, the Jeddah-based Presidency ...


CMA Regulations

Saudi market regulator passes new Corporate Government Regulations

The Regulations have set detailed provisions on the composition of Board of Directors and committees in terms of competencies, responsibilities, meetings, members’ rights and duties. ...


PlasChem Park

Sadara, SNAM in deal to build auto cluster in PlasChem Park

The Park is being developed in collaboration with the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu and will consist of downstream chemical and conversion industries supplied ...


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Israel - Palestine

Israel-Palestinian conflict: Two-state solution not only option, US says

A White House official says a two-state solution may not be the only option to solve the Israel-Palestinian conflict, signalling a major policy shift. ...


U.S. Foreign Policy Goals

Top US Foreign Policy Goals: Stem Terrorism, Nuclear Weapons

Preventing future acts of international terrorism (85%) and the spread of nuclear weapons (84%) remain Americans' top foreign policy goals in 2017, with more than ...


National Security Advisor

Trump’s choice for national security adviser had early exposure to Iran

During his teenage years, Harward lived in an Iranian neighborhood, attended school with Iranian-American students and played sports against Iranian teams. Those experiences gave him ...


U.S. Intelligence Community

Report: Intelligence officials withhold information from Trump

According to the report, some information presented to the president omitted sources and methods used by intelligence agencies during their operations. ...


Iran - GCC

Rouhani meets rulers of Oman and Kuwait to reduce Iran-GCC tensions

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani met with Sultan Qaboos in Muscat on Wednesday, before travelling for the first time since taking office to Kuwait for further ...



Iraqi forces have it all to do in western Mosul

Iraqi special forces claim that eastern Mosul is safe for residents to return. However, suicide attacks tell a different story. Now, those forces are preparing ...


Anti-ISIS Campaign

Take Off the Pentagon’s Gloves in the ISIS War? Not So Fast.

Policies intended to reduce civilian harm didn’t arise out of elite Washington think tanks or academia; they arose from the military’s own lessons learned ...



U.S., Russian military chiefs to meet in Azerbaijan

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joe Dunford will meet with his Russian counterpart on Thursday in Azerbaijan, amid newly aggressive Russian military maneuvers and fresh reports ...



Iran’s Zarif criticizes hard-liners for leaks on nuclear talks

With a new US administration that has not made its opposition to the nuclear deal a secret, Iran’s foreign minister and chief nuclear negotiator Mohammad ...


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